The Uses and Benefits of 2D Animation

The Uses and Benefits of 2D Animation

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People won’t buy what they don’t understand! 

Reap the benefits of 2d animation!

Your business might sell a product or service that you know is just amazing! You know that it will be super helpful to your customers when they buy it! 

But there’s a problem, people simply are not buying it! So you use Digital Marketing, which is an effective way to get products and services in front of people, but they’re still not interested or buying in to your product or service? 

The fact is that people don’t buy in to things they simply don’t understand!

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So what can be done about this? 

Combined with our storytelling and script writing service Painting Pixels animations services can help change that! And so – 

– Help explain what your product or services is  

– How it works 

and most importantly 

– How it helps the end user and thus the reason why they should purchase it. 

They need to understand how it will make their lives better off by buying your products or services

So using Painting Pixels 2d animation service is a cost effective way to help clearly explain a product, service or process! Allowing your customers or fanbase to understand what your selling or promoting and so giving them a reason to buy or engage with your content! 

Contact Painting Pixels today to get the benefits of 2d animation and get your production started! 

Use 2D animation to deliver a consistent message and build brand value

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Using 2d animation is a great way to get a consistent message or idea across to your audience, customers or fanbase. It’s a fantastic medium and a cost effective way to tell a story, explain a complicated process, entertain or to educate. 

2d animation and motion graphics are often thought to be the same thing but there are differences, which you can read about in our article ‘what’s he difference between 2d animation and motion graphics’.

But regardless of any differences they are often used together and ultimately contribute as 2d animations, 2d animated explainer videos and 2d animated adverts. 

The benefits of 2d animations is that its very versatile and can be used in any style of animation as it can easily be be adapted to any branding guidelines that an organisation may already have in place.

Use 2D animation for advertising

Utilising the benefits of 2d animation for adverts is an effective way to get an idea across is a short time frame or a snap! The time frames really depend on the intended purpose. For example – 

If it was a snappy animated clip, which perhaps plays in loop and is distributed across social media to grab quick attention; then the animated clip may only last 5-10 seconds. 

However if the animation was created as a tv advertising commercial for cable or satellite broadcast; then these are often created in 10 second segments and usually never last longer than 30 seconds total. 

These shorter forms of animated productions are usually used when advertising a product or service, which can be understood in a short timeframe. 

2d animation and motions graphics are perfect for these types of advertising circumstances as its quick and efficient to produce multiple short animated clips, so adverts can easily be A – B tested and or simply have multiple product or service adverts distributed or broadcasted at the same time and or new adverts created quickly to capitalise on a new trend or a new product release. 

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Longer adverts on YouTube 

Longer adverts do exist and are often used on platforms like YouTube. Often even being the actual full explainer video, simply used as an advert. At the end of the day if the intention is to get someone to simply watch a video, then you might as well use the full video as the actual advert, rather than using a shorter clip and then needing the user to click away from their intended content to view your advertised content, which is less likely! So just let it roll! 

This does however work when the intention is to get a user to click on your website to buy something or download an app etc But that goes more in to the digital marketing end of things, which we at Painting Pixels can also help with!

2D animation for explainer and corporate videos

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Another area where 2d animated content is used and suits perfectly is in the slightly longer form 2d animated explainer videos, which are used for corporate explainer videos or product and services showcases or even to demonstrate and educate users on a complicated process. 

The 2d animated medium helps people to stay focused and engaged in content for longer as they can better understand what they are viewing; even if its a number of minutes long and regardless if its created to promote something or educate someone on a complicated product. 

It’s because people enjoy 2d animated cartoons no matter how old they are! The 2d animation medium is cost effective, flexible, adaptable and visually easy on the eye and so easy to consume. So using 2d animation is a great way for a business to advertise and explain their products and services to the masses in a consistent and effect manner!

Examples and Ideas 

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Every business, organisation and individual utilises 2d animation in a different way, which best suits their needs and maximises their brand exposure, services and products. Everything we create here at Painting Pixels is bespoke to that individual company or person. So whether it’s a corporate product or sales explainer or an animated cartoon for entertainment; using the versatility of 2d animation and the vast experience at Painting Pixels we can easily cater for all. 

Using 2d animation in medical scenarios is great as it removes any of the visual distractions that a video or a 3d render might create. Keeping any educational explainer clean and precise for the intended message. 

Organisations use 2d animation as a softer touch to technical information, making the content more appealing and visually interesting to help engagement. 

Businesses use it to create snappy adverts for social media, tv and VOD services to help advertise a product or service

Associations use it to help explain complicated processes and procedures 

Individuals using it to help promote their ideas or brands and have engaging content to distribute online 

Anything can be created with 2d animation and motion graphics. Even if you’re not too sure how to utilise it, there will always be a way to take advantage of 2d animation and boost your brand exposure and sales. Painting Pixels will help you with a strategy, script and style so you can use 2d animation too! 

So to summerise! 

The uses and benefits of 2d animation

What is it used for:

To deliver an consistent message / idea to a local, national or global audience base and help get that idea across to them in a clear simple to understand manner, while still being engaging and entertaining without losing the message

Who uses it:

Anyone looking to explain, entertain or educate their audience about their products, services or processes in a consistent manner.

Why is it used: 

For clearer understanding of your products, services and processes. Better engagement and sharing. Easier to consume and digest! 

Where is it used: 

Social media platforms, TV, VOD services and of course even your own website! 

Perfect for: 

Associations, Corporate organisations, Startups, Any business or Individual looking to promote, advertise or to explain something. 

Contact Painting Pixels today and take advantage of the benefits of 2d animation for your business and get your production started. 

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