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Painting Pixels is a full service digital marketing agency based in Ipswich.

We help create meaningful strategies to deliver your message and achieve the right goals.

Best of all we create all of the digital marketing content in-house and so we have full control and flexibility to create anything necessary.

This means we can easily adapt and create new content to keep up with the latest trends and react instantly.

We don’t just create the digital marketing content, we also distribute it for you across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

As a full service digital marketing agency we also create adverts and distribute on video sites like YouTube; push to VOD services and also to National and Local TV.

Finally to help you get a full boost with all your digital marketing content, we help to design campaigns for you and manage your social media adverts and Google PPC.

Video Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

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Animation for Marketing

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Fully Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solution

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Using a multitude of different digital marketing techniques we can help you rank higher with your website and gain better exposure with your company and brand.

Our digital marketing solutions involve full strategising and data driven responses.

We understand that every company is unique and has different goals and budgets. This is why we always start with an invite to our ipswich based studio for a chat and a detailed review.


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Free Digital Marketing Consultation and Audit

So call us today on 01473 857860 to book your free consultation. In the meeting we will review everything in far more detail and advise you on all the steps that we will take to help you to better market your company and gain further exposure including brand, product and service awareness.

Also feel free to drop in to our Ipswich based digital marketing studio. Unit 7, The Quadrangle Centre, The Drift, Nacton Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 9QR to book in your meeting or to ask any further questions and we would be happy to help.

This is how our Digital Marketing Works!

Digital Marketing Styles – Direct, Organic, Alternate

There are 3 main types of digital marketing that we conduct. These include (Direct Marketing, Organic Marketing and Alternate Marketing).

Full Audit

With every new client we conduct a full audit of all your social media accounts, look through your website, review your current marketing plans, assess your business plan (if available) and gauge your current status and brand position.

Research and Analysis

Once we have determined your current position, we then carry out full research and analysis of your industry sector and level of competition.

Full Marketing Strategy Development

With the information from the audit, research and analysis stage in hand; we then design a marketing strategy specifically around you and your goals. We create actionable plans that are within your budget and highly effective.

Digital Marketing Content Development

Using the plan crafted in the marketing strategy stage; we can then use this strategy and utilise our expert knowledge in code development and multimedia design to create an array of digital marketing content. Your plan may include some of the following –

• Brand Development or Full Re-Brand
• Graphic Design, Illustrations and Info Graphics
• 3D Animations and Technical Demonstrations
• Video Production with Post Production Effects
• Online and Broadcast Level Multimedia Adverts
• SEO Driven Copy Writing for Websites and Blogs
• 2D Explainer Animations, Motion Graphics
• Animated Adverts for Websites and TV
• Responsive Websites, Mobile Apps and AR Apps
• Video Marketing – Youtube Channel
• And Much More

Paid Advertising Campaign Management, PPC

We can help you design and manage your online advertising campaigns including Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads and also Youtube Advertising. We can create the campaign including any graphics or video; setup the keywords and launch the campaign on your behalf. We will then manage, analyse, tweak and report the stats back to you.

We can also utilise our bank of highly successful social media influencers with a vast reach of hundreds of thousands of followers!

Social Media Marketing + Setup and Consolidation

If your prefer we can even manage your actual social account for you and create the content and distribute regular updates for you to ensure that you are posting regularly and so gain and retain a loyal following. Additionally we can setup any social channels that you might not already have and audit them to ensure they are correctly connected and setup as a business account using a consistent login profile.

The social media channels that we currently recommend and manage include –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google My Business

TV, Radio and VOD Media Buying and Distribution

Want to advertise using more traditional methods? No problems, we can create your TV, Radio or Video On Demand advert, buy the air time on your behalf and distribute it to the correct channels.

Technical SEO – Speed, Structure and Usability

We carry out the technical optimisation of websites, analyse the speed and page rank and develop the web site in a manner that makes it more usable and accessible to humans and optimal for better Google rankings.

Security Updates and Maintenance

We will constantly assess your website and ensure that there are no security holes and that all updates are in place to protect against any venerabilities.

Hosting and Emails

We will host your websites on our super fast dedicated server. Also as part of our hosting process we provide a free email account service which we can set up on your behalf. (Note: we never access your emails and so have no way of backing these up for you. We can show you how to independently backs these up if required.)

Consultancy and Advice

We can provide a consultancy service throughout your contract, so you can call us for advice and or we will call you to recommend a particular set of actions that you could undertake at an event to maximise your exposure.

Project managed

The entire process will be designed and project managed by us so you can carry on doing what you do best.

The best bit about using a multimedia company like Painting Pixels is that we can create content that we know will be better for advertising and optimising. See our services

Graphic Design

Website Design

2D Animation

3D Animation

Video Production

TV Advert Production