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Bespoke 2D Animation Service Using our 2D animation service is super easy and hassle free as we take care of the whole process from start to finish and deliver back a pretty package.  Every production is fully project managed and directed; so you don’t now suddenly need to be an expert in animation, motion graphics, […]

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For some people it’s difficult to switch off and so enjoying any holiday time is impossible. Others love to lose all connection, enjoy the time away and deal with the mountain of emails and tasks on their return. And so for the latter lot of people they always have that dreaded feeling in the last […]


Laughs and Giggles Evening out in London enjoying a bit of comedy from the likes of Russell Howard. It was a pre-tour gig, which he used as a warm up to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. It was an interesting insider as he had his note pad with him and read his […]


The new five pound note! I never deal in cash; bank transfers and cards are the weapons of choice when ridding my account of monies! So no grubby, infect coins or notes! But whats this? a shiny new five pound note! Apparently its tear resistant and less prone to collecting dirt and grim. And can even survive […]

Painting Pixels at Create Expo 2016 Our Director Ali Miah will once again be at the Create Expo 2016, held in Vision West Nottinghamshire College. We are delighted to be invited back to give another talk in such an amazing venue and with an audience to match. Book your tickets now to see his talk […]