At Painting Pixels our team of highly talented programmers, animators and artists specialise in providing all manner of design and development solution. Whilst our core service sectors are Graphic Design, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Web Design, Video Production and Mobile Applications; We also provide many other services including full start to finish TV advert production service, script writing and Project Management services. Each of these sectors encompasses a large array of additional services and options. So feel free to check out our services and give us a call; we will be happy to help.

Digital Marketing, SEO 1

Digital Marketing, SEO

Use our Digital Marketing and SEO service to get your website and business found online and create brand awareness. Create a buzz about your services and products. Advertise via social media, TV and Video On Demand. Talk to us about our media buying service for TV and Radio.
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2D Animation

2D animation is perfect for use in company explainer videos to help showcase your services or processes.
3D Animation 2

3D Animation

3D animation is a great way to tell a story and visually demonstrate a complicated or technical product or process. Also perfect for 3D characters and epic landscapes for TV and other video productions.
Graphic Design 3

Graphic Design

We offer a bespoke and premium graphic design services for existing companies looking to rebrand and also for new start-up companies looking to shout-out to the world with new eye-catching logo and graphics.
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Video Production

High-end filming and editing solutions for all forms of production. We have the know-how, technology and facilities to film productions for TV, including TV shows and TV adverts. We also cater for corporate videos and so film and edit together bespoke pieces to help you showcase your business products, processes and services.
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Website Design

We design bespoke and beautifully crafted websites. Our sites are created from the ground up with a responsive structure; perfect for desktop, tablet computers and mobile smart phones. We both design and develop the website so you get exactly what you want without limitations.
TV Advert Production Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk SEO Digital Marketing Production Animation Social Media

TV Advert Production

Painting Pixels, TV advert production service can help you get your brand, product or service in front of millions of UK TV viewers. We offer a full start to finish advertising service so we can plan and design and then create your TV advert. We can also buy air time and submit to your chosen channel.
Pantomime Productions 4

Pantomime Productions

Painting Pixels is delighted to be able to offer a full Pantomime Production service. With our years of knowledge in the design and creative world and our work on many Pantomime productions, we have amassed a great deal on experience in the world of delivering the next generation of interactive, immersive digital pantomimes for the new era of stages shows.

Mobile Applications Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk Digital Marketing Social Media Animation

Mobile Applications

Every day, millions of mobile applications are being downloaded from the iOS and Android stores as more people go mobile with powerful new smartphone and tablet devices. A mobile application can serve a multitude of purposes for businesses.
Architectural Visualisation 5

Architectural Visualisation

Painting Pixels are specialists in 3D modelling and animation and with out fascination in buildings, architecture and design beautiful interiors we can bring hyper realistic renders for your project.
Integrated Multimedia Digital Marketing Solutions Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk Animation Digital Marketing Social Media

Research, Ideas and Scripting

Research Ideas and Script Writing Painting Pixels are proud to be able to offer bespoke research, idea development and a script writing service, which is a¬†extended service above and beyond the physical design and production services. We have a very diverse and skilled team, which along with the talented artists is also the thinkers and […]
Painting Pixels Project Management Ipswich Suffolk Design Digital Marketing Animation

Project Management

Painting Pixels is proud to offer up our Project management services. These such services are perfect for larger scale productions where a complex pipeline is used. As a fully integrated multimedia design studio we can deliver a full and complete production for you from start to finish with everything in between. Our high budget TV […]