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Painting Pixel Ltd Ident of our 3D Robot Butterfly

Our 3D robot butterfly mascot render out to use at an ident for all our animations.

Painting Pixels – Showreel 2016

Welcome to Painting Pixels. View our video showreel and see what we have done for previous clients. Call us today on 01473 857860 to get your production started.

Painting Pixels TV Advertising Service

2D and motion graphics animation created as an in-house production to help showcase our start to finish TV advertising service

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Portfolio Videos

3D Speaker Showcase Animation – Demonstrating the AN Series from Celestion

Showcase 3D animation with motion graphics created for Celestion. The Animation demonstrates features of the new AN Series speaker range.

2D Animation for J and L Recruitment

2D Animation for J and L Recruitment

Fun and quirky 2D animation created for J and L recruitment showcasing that they are specialists in recruitment and quick deployment of operatives for the asbestos removal industry.

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3D Model and Animation – Shanty Pet Comb R2

Bespoke hand modelled 3D product animation created for Shanty Group Showcasing the new Shanty R2 Pet Comb. Animation product showcase.

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Woolly Rider 3D Animation for Ride Fest 2017

3D and motion graphics animation showcasing Woolly cycling on his static exercise bike introducing the Ride Fest 17 event.

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Cinderella TV Advert

Watch our TV advert created for the Cinderella pantomime and broadcast nationwide. The advert features Bradley Walsh, Paul 'O' Grady and Dick and Dom

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Ironmongery Direct 2D Animation for TV Advert

Bespoke 2D animation created for Ironmongery Direct in association with our friends at Stone Productions. The 30 second 2D animation was created for a TV advert campaign in the UK.

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3D Cinderella Pantomime

3D Cinderella pantomime production video created for the Worlds Biggest Panto, showcased at the Barclaycard arena

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Abbeycroft Leisure – 3D Animated Motion Graphics Ident

3D animation logo ident created for Abbeycroft Leisure. The animated ident consists of the different pieces of the logo coming together to form the symbol and text component of the full logo.

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Woolly 3D Animation for St Elizabeth Hospice

3D model and animation created for St Elizabeth Hospice. Featuring the new Woolly character designed as there main mascot.

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3D Product Animation AXI2050 Showcase

3D modelled and animated product demonstration and showcase for the Celestion AXi2050. Explaining what the product is and how it works including features and benefits.

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3D Animation and Modelling for the PillMate brand Pillbox

3D Animation and Modelling for the PillMate brand Pillbox

3D modelling and animation created to showcase the PillMate brand pillbox. Featuring the 'Auto Large 7 Days' pillbox.

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3D Modelling and Animation for Shanty PillMate Large Twice Daily

3D Modelling and Animation for Shanty’s PillMate ‘Large Twice Daily’

Bespoke hand modelled PillMate pillbox created for the Shanty's PillMate brand. Features the 'Large Twice Daily' pillbox.

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Bespoke 2D Animated Explainer Video

Bespoke 2D animated, motion graphics explainer video created for Seven Recruitment to showcase their company and services.

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3D Animation of the Celestion FTX Product Range

3D Animation created for Celstion showcasing there FTX range for speaker products.

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3D Massey Ferguson Tractor

3D automotive animation of the Massy Ferguson tractor created as part of a 3d interactive configurator app design for the iPad

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2D Sucralose Animation

2D Sucralose Animation

2D animation created for our clients in america to help showcase the benefits of using Sucralose over sugar in many of your everyday foods and drinks. Combination of 2D animation, 3D animation and post production effects

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Ultrasound Animation

3D animated ultrasound animation showcasing the final stage of the birthing process. The animation is accurate with the graphic overlays and readings

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3D character animation created for the E-species marketing and website. The bespoke character was designed, modelled, textured and animated all in house using our chosen 3D software of Lightwave 3D

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3D HouseHam Tractor

3D automotive animation of the HouseHam Sprayer spinning on a rotating platform as part of a 3D interactive iPad app

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2D Animation for CCC

2D animation created for our clients in America to help explain the use of low calorie sweetener and the differences and benefits over sugar. Created using a multitude of 2D animation and motion graphics techniques, output in full HD.

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VFX Production Scene

VFX video production scene shot on a 4K cinema ready RED One camera. Featuring green screen and lots of VFX explosions and grading. Created for cinema

Damaris 3D Animation

3D animation created to showcase the new Damaris Solaris bag created by Damaris Mode. The 3D animation was created as an advertising piece and also as a set of interactive sequences for a bespoke website

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Dom and Jerry 2D Animation

2D animation, motion graphics animation and character animation used to create a story to showcase a week in the life of two characters called Dom and Jerry

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2D Animation for BHMA

2D animation created for our international clients based in Atlanta America. The animation showcases how a stringent testing process takes place for all submitted hardware products

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M3 Nitcomb 3D Animation

3D animation created for one of our long term clients created to showcase and demonstrate the features and benefits of there latest product launch the NitComb M3

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SmartMix 2D Animation

2D animation and 2D motion graphics effects used to tell this story about using the SmartMix system to help benefit the production process.

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EWFA, Benefits of Window Film

EWFA, Benefits of Window Film

2D animation and motion graphics animation created in a fun but informative manner to showcase the benefits of window film for our clients the EWFA based in brussels

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3D Animation Land and Water

3D industrial animation showcasing how the Land and Water company use there vessels to clear out and dredge built up dirt and debris on the port. Includes 3D animation and post production effects

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EWFA, Who We Are

2D animation created for our clients in Brussels to showcase who the EWFA are and what they do. The animation was created using a mixture of 2D animation and motion graphics techniques

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TowerOne Multimedia Production

3D animation showcasing a multitude of design services including 3d animation, 2d animation, web design and interactive game and app design. Created using Lightwave 3D and the Adobe suit

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Video production storytelling the orthodontic services provided by Orthoactive. Full HD video production including filming and editing to final HD out for website and social media marketing

Brushing your teeth

Video production filmed for Orthoactive helping them to capture and demonstrate how to clean your braces and take care of your retainer correctly. Filmed, edited and final HD output

Total Brain Total Mind: Intro – Video Production

Video production created for Total Brain Total Mind. We film this in-house using our HD camera and green screen setup. We then edited out the backdrop and added in the background graphics

2D Frame by Frame Animation

2D animation. Created as a 2D frame by frame animation to allow us to have the perfect control of fluidness and motion. Each pieces as created as a separate animation and the composted together

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TBTM 3D Animation

3D medical animation created for TBTM to showcase the brain-mind architecture. The animation was modelled and animated using Lightwave 3D and edited using Adobe after effects and Premiere

3D Animation SEO Positive

3D animation created for an SEO company to showcase there services at a trade show in London. We created the whole animation in Lightwave 3D and edited using our suit of HD editing programs and output in fill HD quality

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3D Nokia Animation

3D animation created for the Nokia handset to showcase it's design and features. Full 3d modelling and animation using Lightwave 3D and the adobe editing suit

3D Animated Ident for Lucas Developments

3D animation created for a website banner. This is an interactive banner which respond and changes its focus on the highlighted item depending on the visited page. Beats the standard scrolling image banners we think!

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Arc Logo Ident

3D and VFX animation used to created an animated ident for our client for use in his website and on production videos

Wheels and Tyres

3D animated renders created for the 'tractor configuration app'. Animation shows wheels and tyres spin 360.


Other Videos

Woolly Head to Head Race Against CEO from IBS

A head to head race featuring woolly and Neil the CEO of Ipswich Building Society.

Love Everyday – 3D Animated Simulation

Valentines day might be over but don’t forget to show love for all every day.

Painting Pixels at Create Expo 2016

Painting Pixels were invited back to Vision West Nottingham as a guest speaker at the Create Expo 2016. We talk about the importance of planning a project.

Golf Ball Through Window VFX

3D animation and VFX created to showcase a golf ball smashing through domestic household double glazing windows and the damage it leaves behind

2D Animation

2D animation piece created as a fun in-house project to showcase character animation and storytelling in a short 2d animation

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