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Painting Pixels is a full service Digital Marketing and distribution agency, with headquarters based in London Canary Wharf and a production studio in Ipswich, Suffolk.

We develop bespoke digital marketing content and paid advertising campaigns, which are all fully project managed.

Our service includes full development of marketing strategies, creation of all digital content and distribution to popular platforms including; your own website, social media channels like facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and also TV and VOD services.

As a fully integrated Multimedia Design Studio, we can create any digital marketing content or software application required to fulfil your marketing goals. We can develop a whole new brand for you, including a new Logo and Graphic Design, Website Design, create a bespoke 2D Explainer Animation and high-end 3D Animations too. We can integrate these animations with our Video Production service and output bespoke TV Advert Productions for local and national TV, creating a visual spectacle to shout about and showcase who you are, what you do and why your customers need to use your services or buy your products.

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Animation Studio

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Digital Marketing, SEO

Use our Digital Marketing and SEO service to get your website and business found online and create brand awareness. Create a buzz about your services and products. Advertise via social media, TV and Video On Demand. Talk to us about our media buying service for TV and Radio.
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2D Animation

2D animation is perfect for use in company explainer videos to help showcase your services or processes.
3D Animation 2

3D Animation

3D animation is a great way to tell a story and visually demonstrate a complicated or technical product or process. Also perfect for 3D characters and epic landscapes for TV and other video productions.
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Graphic Design

We offer a bespoke and premium graphic design services for existing companies looking to rebrand and also for new start-up companies looking to shout-out to the world with new eye-catching logo and graphics.
Video Production Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk Design Digital Marketing Animatio

Video Production

High-end filming and editing solutions for all forms of production. We have the know-how, technology and facilities to film productions for TV, including TV shows and TV adverts. We also cater for corporate videos and so film and edit together bespoke pieces to help you showcase your business products, processes and services.
Website Design Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk Digital Marketing Social Media Animation 2D 3D

Website Design

We design bespoke and beautifully crafted websites. Our sites are created from the ground up with a responsive structure; perfect for desktop, tablet computers and mobile smart phones. We both design and develop the website so you get exactly what you want without limitations.
Mobile Applications Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk Digital Marketing Social Media Animation

Mobile Applications

Every day, millions of mobile applications are being downloaded from the iOS and Android stores as more people go mobile with powerful new smartphone and tablet devices. A mobile application can serve a multitude of purposes for businesses.
TV Advert Production Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk SEO Digital Marketing Production Animation Social Media

TV Advert Production

Painting Pixels, TV advert production service can help you get your brand, product or service in front of millions of UK TV viewers. We offer a full start to finish advertising service so we can plan and design and then create your TV advert. We can also buy air time and submit to your chosen channel.
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Architectural Visualisation

Painting Pixels are specialists in 3D modelling and animation and with our fascination in all things buildings, architecture and design! We create and render out beautiful interiors, exterior and layout designs in hyper realistic renders for your website, brochure and planning.

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Browse through our vast portfolio of design and digital marketing projects created for clients all around the world.

We have extensive experience in the field of digital design and marketing and can confidently take on large projects with a keen eye for detail.

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Your message delivered consistently everywhere 2D Animation Explainer Cartoon Motion Graphics Production Design Render Studio Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk London Colchester Essex East Anglia Chelmsford-03

Deliver a Consistent Message Everywhere Using Our 2D Explainer Animation Service

Using our 2D Explainer Animation Services can help your business deliver the idea of your products, processes and services in a consistent manner throughout all of your social media advertising. It’s important to keep consistency within any branding message. As a business owner you know that you know business services better than anyone. You know […]
2D Animation Character Painting Pixels Design Studio Ipswich London Walk Cycle Person Cartoon-01

How Our 2D Animation Service Works!

Bespoke 2D Animation Service Using our 2D animation service is super easy and hassle free as we take care of the whole process from start to finish and deliver back a pretty package.  Every production is fully project managed and directed; so you don’t now suddenly need to be an expert in animation, motion graphics, […]
Painting Pixels Christmas 2019 Digital Marketing Design Agency Ipswich Suffolk London

Merry Christmas 2019

We wish all a very merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you in the new decade. Our studio is now closed from 20th December 2019 and we reopen on the 6th January 2020. For urgent enquires please feel free to email us at [email protected] Also check out our Digital Marketing Service and […]

Painting Pixels at the Student Radio Awards

Painting Pixels are proud to have worked with the SRA (Student Radio Awards) for the second year in a row.  It’s been great fun creating all the animated video content, which was displayed throughout the Indigo at the O2 arena in London.  We created a series of animated video content that played on cue and […]

Painting Pixels Work Experience

We have spent this last week having the pleasure of working with our work experience student from Farlingaye High School, we always enjoy having work experience students in the office and this time has been no exception. Great work Ben, keep doing what you are doing and good luck in the future!
Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk Services Media 2D Animation Digital Marketing

‘Look around’ at services 2D Animation

This is an in-house animation of a character looking around. It uses a 3D effect created with 2D shapes in Adobe After Effects. The illusion is created using track mattes and masks, as well as animated shape layers, such as the shadow of the chin moving around to make it look as though the character […]
Artist working on character graphic, 2d animation, graphic design, character graphic, Ipswich, Suffolk, London, Colchester, Essex

Artist working on new character animation graphics

This is a new character graphic being designed for an upcoming animation project. You can see the artist working in Adobe Illustrator. They have sketched out the design first on paper, and then imported the image to draw over. Using the pen tool the artist drew and created the curves and lines that make up […]
Painting Pixels Digital Marketing Agency London Canary Wharf

Painting Pixels Design Agency London

Painting Pixels New London Office ‘One Canada Square’ Canary Wharf. We are proud to say that we have now opened a new office in London as our central headquarters to help serve our London based clients and clients that find it easier to meet in the city. Though Ipswich is not too far from London […]
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What is the difference between Vector and Bitmap images?

Bitmap images are made up of a group of small, tiny square dots called pixels. Each pixel is given a colour and arranged in a pattern to form an image. When you zoom into a bitmap image you can see the individual square pixels that are arranged to create an image. Bitmap graphics can be […]