Just For Fun

Just For Fun

Painting Pixels Ipswich Suffolk Services Media 2D Animation Digital Marketing

This is an in-house animation of a character looking around. It uses a 3D effect created with 2D shapes in Adobe After Effects. The illusion is created using track mattes and masks, as well as animated shape layers, such as the shadow of the chin moving around to make it look as though the character […]

Stylised 2D Animation Scene of Fox in the Woods Ipswich Suffolk Colchester Essex London

Stylised 2D Animation Scene of Fox in the Woods This is a small scene from an in-house Painting Pixels Productions project showcasing a cute fox in the woods created in a stylised cartoony look for a new children’s production. The scene features the fox as well as our Painting Pixels butterfly mascot that fly’s around […]

Cat Jumping Animation 2

Cat Jumping Animation Cute 2D animation of a cat jumping. Created in house for Painting Pixels. This was made using a “Fake 3D” effect in After Effects to create the illusion of 3d but with 2d shapes. For more fun videos like this, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for more interesting and […]

Isometric Style Animation 5

Isometric style animation created in house for Painting Pixels, showcasing some of our services. The animation has 2D icons created to look like rotating 3D elements. For more videos check out our 2D Animation and Gallery.

Random 3D Pulsing Animated Ball 8

Random 3D Pulsing Animated Ball Check out this random 3D animated ball pulsing in an apocalyptic world. The 3d animation scene was created by our resident 3d artist as a fun side project to test out how fibres react with motion in the latest version of Lightwave 3D 2018 version 2018.0.5 The animation has 200 […]