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Bits and Bytes – What do they mean? You may have heard the terms “bits and bytes” when referring to digital data size, but what do they mean? And how are bits and bytes different? Firstly, we have to talk about how computers process and store data. Computers don’t store and process data with words […]

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Why is 3D becoming more popular? The 3D Industry is quickly becoming one of the most popular mediums of media and storytelling in the world due to its incredibly stylistic nature and opens many opportunities in terms of the content that can be produced, to anything from children’s animated movies, to incredibly precise and photorealistic […]

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Translated EUsalt explainer animation After completing our informative and entertaining EUsalt animation, our friends at EUsalt wanted the many other countries around Europe who can also benefit from knowing what the uses of salt were, to be able to view this animation in their native language. So we set to work on getting 4 additional […]

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Reap the benefits of 2d animation! Your business might sell a product or service that you know is just amazing! You know that it will be super helpful to your customers when they buy it!  But there’s a problem, people simply are not buying it! So you use Digital Marketing, which is an effective way […]

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Hassle Free 2D Animation Service 2D animation is great for explaining, showcasing and demonstrating almost anything including products, processes and services; making them easier to digest and understand. Find out more about the benefits of 2d animations and also the importance of delivering a consistent message using 2d animation services. Using our 2D animation service […]

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Why is a Logo so important? Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, out shopping, or maybe want a quick snack on some fast food, you’ll always be looking for the brands that you recognise. And what is the first thing you instantly recognise about these brands? The logo. Logos are an underlooked […]

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What are brand guidelines? A core component of any business’ success is having an effective and aesthetically impressive brand. This is created by many components that culminate in order to form the business’ branding material, that will be used in the marketing and may be used in or on products/services of the business itself.  In […]

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How a logo is constructed Logos are a fundamental piece of branding for any business and are constructed with many different elements and constructed to form the finished logo, here we will be exploring how a logo is constructed, what logos are made up of, and how it can be used successfully in a logo […]

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Logo Variants and when to use them We see logos almost everywhere that we look, they are used digitally, in print, and can even be seen in the foam at the top of a cup of coffee we drink in the morning. They are the symbols used to help us instantly identify a brand or […]


Responsive Website Design As A Mobile-First Approach Responsive website design structures are absolutely critical in this day and age of website development. With an ever-increasing number of people in the UK now having access to portable devices such as mobile smartphones and or tablet computers; it’s more important than ever to ensure your website is […]

Integrated Multimedia Digital Marketing Solutions

What are our Integrated Multimedia Digital Marketing Solutions? Painting Pixels is a multimedia design studio which, allows us to create advanced integrated digital marketing solutions by utilising multiple mediums including 3d animation and modelling, 2d animation and motion graphics, video production, graphic design and web and app development. Allowing your business to showcase its products, […]

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Get Seen, Get Known, Boost Business! Generate brand awareness Build a stronger fan base  Advertise on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.  A continual flow of quality video and animated content to get you noticed We can do all of this for you. It’s easy and hassle-free as we develop the marketing strategy, […]