What is the difference between 2D Animation and Motion Graphics?

The terms 2D Animation and Motion Graphics are used a lot in today’s modern marketing, entertainment and design industry. They are in fact very similar but also hold stark differences. This blog will talk about what these mediums are, and how they are used in different ways, even sometimes together. So let’s discuss the differences between 2D Animation and Motion Graphics…

2D Animation / Frame by Frame

Traditional 2D animation is created by drawing individual frames in sequence; one slightly different from the next known as frame by frame animation. Each drawing conveys movement, via keyframes/positions of the character or objects’ movement. Traditionally all these drawings/frames were then painted onto glass cells and photographed. For 1 second of traditional animation, you needed 24 frames per second.

In 2D animation we create images/assets such as characters to make free flowing moving animation. We use it to replicate realistic organic movement, such as animals running, people playing sports or lip-syncing audio to facial movement. We use these techniques to tell a story and use traditional techniques digitally to move and animate the on-screen images/assets. 

Painting Pixels can create traditional frame by frame animation, but using digital techniques. See the video below to see one of our projects that use this method of animation. 

Two Techniques of 2D Animation

In the modern design industry, especially in social media marketing, time is often short and you need many seconds of animation, and so we utilise digital software solutions to make the animation process as efficient and cost effective as possible. In addition to the type of animation above, there is another technique to create animation and movement. We do this via the means of a rig. A rig is like putting the bones and joints into a character/asset in order to make it move.

This rig allows us to animate keyframes across a timeline much faster than having to draw each individual frame. The software then adds the in-between frames; we then render these types of animations out at 25FPS (Frames Per Second).

Below is a short clip to showcase an example of 2D Animation using a rig. Here we have an animated dog walk cycle which was created using traditional poses but recreated digitally. 

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is all about the “graphic” assets we create which contain titles, text, lines or images, which have movement in a fun and interesting transitional way. Usually this is created along an x and y axis. 

Here is a clip that highlights what motion graphics is. You can see the movement of graphics, images, lines and text. 

2D Animation and Motion Graphics working together

Below is the final example of how both 2D animation and motion graphics work together. They are widely used in advertisements. It is a quick, efficient and an exciting way to get information across to your audience about your product, service and or event etc. 

Times have moved on from print advertising and also static graphics. To market products and services in this age, where people prefer to view digital content; businesses need fun, attractive and engaging digital media content, which include disciplines like 2d animation and motions graphics.

2D animation and motion graphics videos are the hot trend right now and it’s easy to see why. It looks great and professional, which means your business and brand looks fresh and engaging too. 

Here at painting pixels, as a multimedia design company, we do both 2D Animation and Motion Graphics, as well as video and 3D Animation too. So why not mix it up and tell a story that helps to showcase your business, services and or processes. 

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