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You want to buy a computer but are unsure of what you want? Or looking to upgrade and exploring the opportunities that other types of computer systems can offer? We’ve all been there. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will conclude that Apple’s Mac may be for you! We’re specifically looking at the […]

Apple iMac Pro for Digital Content Marketing Ipswich Suffolk

New Apple Ecosystem For Digital Marketing Services Here at Painting Pixels, we have been using Windows computers for many years. Little by little, system by system, we have been integrating more and more Apple products into our studio, and today we bid farewell to our final Windows desktops. We have now said goodbye to all […]

Apple Rough Logo Sketch Banner

What Does Apple’s WWDC17 Keynote Mean for Us? There’s no pretending. We do love Apple’s products. The products look good and function remarkably well. We genuinely do find that using such products allows us to be more creative and efficient in business as the equipment, the technology and the systems that link all the products together, […]

Painting Pixels Testing Duet Display App

Testing a new iOS app called Duet Painting Pixels quick test of an iOS app that we came across recently called ‘Duet’. Anyone who has visited our studio will know that we are massive Apple fans and that we like to keep the studio clean and minimal. This is also true for our desktop space […]

Naturally the Painting Pixels team are interested and plan on buying a pair so you can all expect to see our thoughts on them in the future, whilst also expecting some exciting news on how we plan to incorporate our own exciting new Augmented Reality technology into them for an even more immersive experience!

With the annual Computer Entertainment Show (CES) currently ongoing in Las Vegas it was the perfect time for Chip-maker Nvidia to announce a new processor destined for mobile devices said to offer better graphics than the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.