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Bespoke Pantomime Productions Service

Painting Pixels is delighted to be able to offer a full Pantomime Production service. With our years of knowledge in the design and creative world and our work on many Pantomime productions, we have amassed a great deal on experience in the world of delivering the next generation of interactive, immersive digital pantomimes for the new era of stages shows.

Give us a call now on 01473 857960 to talk to us about your pantomime production.


What we offer

Full Service – We have the capability to bring you and your local city, town or village a full pantomime production from scratch. We have some of the most creative and genius pantomime script writers and directors on board so we can take care of the whole ideas, planning and creativity process for you and bring ‘on stage’ some much loved TV personalities to play as our heroes and villains. (Supporting Act, facilities included fully or selectively depending on your requirements and budget)

Supporting Act – If you are already proficient in world of pantomime productions and you and your company already develop amazing and funny panto’s then we can still help you; We can provide you with the full supporting act and supply you with beautiful 3D animated backdrops and other animated sequences, costumes, projectors etc.

Custom – Alternatively you may decide you require only bits and pieces and want to mix and match. You may already have a show and a venue and all the lights and hardware etc and simply need us to supply you with the 3D animation or on the other hand you might have all digital technology and assets and just require us to help in the script writing and planning side.

3D Content Service – We can create any manner of 3D content for you whether it’s a fantasy backdrop environment or hilarious characters, either way we can create perfectly crafted bespoke animations for your panto production. Also you can hire and use our existing digital animated backdrops and scenes. See below for clips that are available for 3D Content Hire. They include both 3D stereo and non stereo clips.

Service Details

Please note the service that we deliver to you is bespoke and so we will cater the service and facilities to meet your requirements and budget. The service details outlined below are just an example for information purposes only.

Full Service –

  • Ideas
  • Planning
  • Script writing
  • Directing
  • Celebrity Actors
  • Supporting Act facilities


Supporting Act –

  • 3D Animated Scenes and Effects
  • 3D Stereoscopic Animation
  • Costumes
  • Lighting
  • Projectors
  • Screen
  • Audio
  • Travel
  • Set up

3D Animation Service for Pantomimes

Bespoke 3D Animation – 

As you know we offer bespoke, high-end 3D animation and content creation service for your pantomime productions. Our talented artists create the next generation of pantomime backdrops with amazing levels of detail, thought and care. Gone are the days of painted static curtains; we create organic, animated environments allowing for a more believable and immersive show. We can create any 3d content to meet the requirements of the script including animated characters, props and other VFX.

3D Stereoscopic Animation Service – 

If you want to add further layers of highly immersive, interactivity and fun to your pantomimes; then using our 3D stereoscopic animation is a great way to deliver that fun. We can create 3D animations that work with 3D TV’s and 3D Projectors at high resolutions and high framerates allowing the 3d content to fly out right in front of the audience’s face, surprising, dazzling and ultimately entertaining them.



Below is a gallery of pantomimes that we have worked on.




3D Content for Hire

We have a vast collection of digital content that you can hire from us. The prices depend on the length of hire time and the amount of shows and also the content of the clips for hire. Take a look through the clips and give us a call to hire on 01473 857860. Don’t forget if none of these clips meets your requirements we can always create bespoke animations just for you. The clips are available in non 3D stereo and some are full 3D stereoscopic.


Description: Beautiful outside 3D courtyard scene, with path leading to grand castle and enclosed by a wall. Assortment of trees and flowers which sway in the wind. Other additions include terraces on the left and right side of the garden and ornaments, benches planted areas and candle lamps.Name: Cin15003--Courtyard--LoopTime: (0) Minutes (10) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: YesAudio: No


Description: Quick transition up from courtyard to the clouds. The cloud scene contains a vivid rainbow.Name: Cin15004--Clouds--TransitionTime: (0) Minutes (6) SecondsStereo: NoLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: Quick transition from clouds down to the beautiful forest pathway.Name: Cin15006--Forest-Pathway--TransitionTime: (0) Minutes (6) SecondsStereo: NoLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: Beautiful and lush forest pathway scene. Exotic plants and trees surrounding yellow stone path leading to castle. Stone feature waterfall and swaying trees.Name: Cin15007--Forest-Pathway--LoopTime: (0) Minutes (30) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: YesAudio: No


Description: Peaceful walk through the parallel forest, where the scene moves to the right create a parallel walking scene; walking left. The scene is full with colourful exotic plants, trees and wild mushrooms.Name: Cin15011--Parallel_Forest_Walk--PlayTime: (0) Minutes (39) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: Beautiful detailed scene outside the estate of Hard-up-hall. Detailed dilapidated manor house sounding by vegetation and large mature trees.Name: Cin15012--HardUpHall--LoopTime: (0) Minutes (30) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: YesAudio: No

' title="Cin15025–Flythrough_Ballroom–Play">


Description: Detailed fly-through night-time scene starting outside the castle gates and flying through the courtyard and through a second set of doors, opening up to a grand staircase and up to the luxurious ball room. Your render will NOT include the images of Dick and Dom and will instead be replaced with a generic photo.Name: Cin15025--Flythrough_Ballroom--PlayTime: (0) Minutes (035) SecondsStereo: NoLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: Thrilling and exciting fly-through snow ride through icy lands, dangerous caves and a snowy forest.Name: Cin15034--SnowRide--PlayTime: (01) Minutes (20) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: A variety of circus items pop up with a puff of smoke; overlaying on top of the forest pathway scene.Name: Cin15008--Circus_Popup--PlayTime: (0) Minutes (16) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: Spooky nighttime forest scene with a snake tease as a giant snake slithers by.Name: Cin15029--Snake_Tease--PlayTime: (0) Minutes (07) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: Scary nighttime forest scene with 3d scary snake popping out.Name: Cin15030--Snake_Scare_One--PlayTime: (0) Minutes (09) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: Scary nighttime forest scene with 3d scary snake popping out a second time with different angle.Name: Cin15031--Snake_Scare_Two--PlayTime: (0) Minutes (04) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: Final nighttime scare scene in forest by scary snake.Name: Cin15032--Snake_Scare_Three--PlayTime: (0) Minutes (09) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: NoAudio: No


Description: Nighttime forest scene where snake gets scared back off in to the forest.Name: Cin15033--Snake_Scared--PlayTime: (0) Minutes (12) SecondsStereo: YesLoop: NoAudio: No

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