About Painting Pixels

Who Are We?

Painting Pixels is a multimedia design studio based in Ipswich, within the leafy county of Suffolk. As the strap line suggests we are a multimedia design studio, meaning our talented team have the skill set to work with multiple design disciplines including an array of 2D illustrators and concept artists, 2D and motions graphics artists, video productions and editing specialist, 3D modelling and animations artist to highly technical programmers capable of producing the most complex of code allowing for amazing state-of-art websites and smart phones apps.

What makes us different from other design companies or web development companies is our ability to think outside the box and fuse the multiple design disciplines together. For example, our mobile apps often feature high quality 3d animation and models. Our websites feature real-time motion graphics and animation. Our 3d animated productions include wonderful 2d illustrated backdrops and our video production can often utilise 2d and 3d animation and motion graphics.

So basically when our clients come to us it’s because they want us to take care of the full production and they don’t want to worry about dealing with lots of different companies to try and bring their project or product to life. We use all the resources at our disposable and can use any digital design medium to suit any project or part of a project.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to ‘Chill’ we are a bunch of designers and programmers so can be considered as creatives I guess. And we believe to be creative you need to let your mind and body chill. Our studio culture is laid back and we often have nice music playing in the background with an assortment of colourful ambient lighting around the studio to both relax and inspire us. We believe this approach helps us output the amazing projects found in our portfolio and allows us to work with some amazing companies and individuals. We work with a project by project approach, kind of like school projects and so we have set targets, deadlines and milestones which are scheduled in from the start of the project. This method keeps everyone in the ‘know’ from day one including our team and clients, saving on rushing or stressing and means we have never missed a project deadline to date!

Our Home

Our Services

To save space we have categorised our services in to six sectors and also have a dedicated tab for our TV Advertising Services.  Be sure to visit each service as more info can be found with each sector; for example, our graphic design services including logo design, branding, brochure design etc

With the amazing skills involved in these purposefully simplified service sectors, our talented team can create bespoke and premium products for many different uses and industries including –

  • Premium full production TV advertising services for all those looking to get either an online advert or a TV advert created and broadcasted to the nation.
  • 3D Animation for company service promotion and also for use in the medical, industrial, architectural and engineering sectors etc.
  • Logo’s, graphics and branding for companies looking to refresh or newly formed companies.
  • Bespoke and premium websites for start-ups, product sales and company showcasing.
  • 2D animations for businesses to advertise their organisation, products or services
  • Full video production including 3d motion capture and green screen studio facilities
  • Script writing and researching ideas and planning for your production. Let our creative team take care of the ideas by using our in-depth knowledge of the industry and facilities.
  • Voice overs and sound design
  • Visual effects for TV or Cinema films
  • Full project management service

Our Process

Working with Painting Pixels is a fun and stress free process. Most of our clients chose to allow us take care of the entire process and so we Project Manage from start to finish. We develop the project right from the early planning and ideas stage, to final output. It all starts with a simple conversation about your story and we just listen and take notes over a cup of tea.

Even if you don’t have a story as such, or a plan, or an idea, or don’t even know what you want, that is not a problem, because if you know you want something cool to deliver your message, then that is all we need to know to get started. We simply ask what are you trying to achieve and what you see as the point of this new angle of marketing. Once we know this key message we can then take care of the rest and showcase to you the ideas and methods that we know would work best to deliver your message and showcase your product or demonstrate your process or services.

Quoting a Price

When we quote for a project there are usually two paths that we end up going down.

  • The first scenario that we come across is when you know pretty much or exactly what you are looking for. You have examples or drawings or even references from Google, Pintrest etc. that take your interest. We then take all those ideas, assets, doodles and references and ask a few questions of our own until we are comfortable that we know your ultimate vision and so we know how to fulfil that vision, and so in turn know how much to quote.
  • The second scenario is that you don’t really know what you want. You’re not too sure if you even want a 2d animation or 3d animation for example. But you know and reveal your ultimate budget and you also know your goal. As explained in the ‘Our Process’ section; we then take over with your budget in mind, and bring our ideas to you in the way we see best, using the best medium to use to deliver your message.

Contact us

If your ready to get your project started then call us now on 01473 857860