2D Animation

2D Animation and Explainer Videos for your Business.

2D animation is the perfect marketing and explainer tool for your business services and products so call us now at our Ipswich headquarters on 01473 857860 to get your 2d animated production started.

2D animation and visualisations are more popular than ever, with many businesses showcasing their animated advertisements both on TV and online. Whether it be advertisement for your new marketing campaign, explainer animation, informative videos showcasing a product or selling a service or perhaps even just looking to promote brand awareness; 2D Animation can be used to visualise, demonstrate entertain and educate.

Interested? You’re already in the right place. Painting Pixels offers premium quality 2D animation for commercial, educational and entertainment purposes. From storyboarding and conceptual design through to the animation process and post-production stage, we will keep you informed and up-to-date with progress every step of the way.

2D Animation for J and L Recruitment

2D Animation for J and L Recruitment

Fun and quirky 2D animation created for J and L recruitment showcasing that they are specialists in recruitment and quick deployment of operatives for the asbestos removal industry.

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Ironmongery Direct 2D Animation for TV Advert

Bespoke 2D animation created for Ironmongery Direct in association with our friends at Stone Productions. The 30 second 2D animation was created for a TV advert campaign in the UK.

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Bespoke 2D Animated Explainer Video

Bespoke 2D animated, motion graphics explainer video created for Seven Recruitment to showcase their company and services.

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2D Sucralose Animation

2D Sucralose Explainer Animation

2D animation created for our clients in america to help showcase the benefits of using Sucralose over sugar in many of your everyday foods and drinks. Combination of 2D animation, 3D animation and post production effects

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2D Animation for CCC

2D animation created for our clients in America to help explain the use of low calorie sweetener and the differences and benefits over sugar. Created using a multitude of 2D animation and motion graphics techniques, output in full HD.

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Dom and Jerry 2D Animation

2D animation, motion graphics animation and character animation used to create a story to showcase a week in the life of two characters called Dom and Jerry

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2D Animation for BHMA

2D animation created for our international clients based in Atlanta America. The animation showcases how a stringent testing process takes place for all submitted hardware products

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SmartMix 2D Animation

2D animation and 2D motion graphics effects used to tell this story about using the SmartMix system to help benefit the production process.

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EWFA, Benefits of Window Film

EWFA, Benefits of Window Film

2D animation and motion graphics animation created in a fun but informative manner to showcase the benefits of window film for our clients the EWFA based in brussels.

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2D Animation Pow Wow

2D animation piece created as a fun in-house project to showcase character animation and storytelling in a short 2d animation

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EWFA, Who We Are

2D animation created for our clients in Brussels to showcase who the EWFA are and what they do. The animation was created using a mixture of 2D animation and motion graphics techniques

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2D Frame by Frame Animation

2D animation. Created as a 2D frame by frame animation to allow us to have the perfect control of fluidness and motion. Each pieces as created as a separate animation and the composted together

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Informative Purposes

Are you looking to inform or educate people on a certain message, process or subject? One of the best ways to learn is with visual reference. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… So what about 2D animation? Creating simple or complex animated 2D explainer videos can help inform and educate your audience, whether it be about your company, a help guide to bring peace of mind regarding illness or medical procedures for hospitals and surgery’s or maybe an educational animation to help kids learn or bring awareness of a certain social issue. Simple, clean, professional; a 2D animation created by us might be the key to holding your audience’s attention.

Entertainment Purposes

Are you looking to expand your branding or push your marketing with a new animated short movie or cartoon? Are you looking to adapt a book, comic, script or idea but don’t have the means to do so? Let us take care of it! From the script writing and storyboarding to the animation and post-production, we can aid you with full, professional creative input; such are the benefits of being a multimedia design studio.

Visualisation Purposes

Are you looking for a new marketing strategy to help push sales for a specific service or product? At Painting Pixels, we could create a showcase piece focusing on the uses and benefits of your product for your customers or a focus piece on your company, the services you offer and the benefits of using you over your competition. Painting Pixels take pride in the quality and care put into our designs and productions so that the end result goes above and beyond our client’s specifications.


As a team of artists with distinct artistic backgrounds, the Painting Pixels team can create wide varieties of different art and design styles. Whether you want your animation to keep up to date with any current popular design and art styles or you want something completely new and bespoke, we ensure that everything we create will have a unique identity according to the client’s specifications, and will be an entirely new experience for the intended audience.

character styles Aramar ConceptsAramar ConceptsAramar Concepts

Scripts, Screenplay & Storyboard

So you already know that the Painting Pixels team know how to design, animate and produce, but what about the scripting, screen play and storyboarding? We’ve got you covered. From creative writing, article writing, case studies, marketing messaging and strong calls to action, we have a strong past experience in all aspects of the creative writing process for animation and video production.

halloween storyboardhalloween storyboarde-species storyboardewfa storyboardewfa storyboardtower one storyboard


Akin to all of the design and production work, you can take comfort in knowing that all audio used for any of our film and animated productions is created, recorded, edited and implemented in-house, by our very own team. We use professional voice-overs artists and can have your music created for purpose synthetically or use a full Foley and orchestra team. (budget dependant). So we have you covered in the music, sound effects and audio editing department.


So what can you use a 2D animation for? From advertising, brand awareness or as a push for a new marketing campaign; any 2D animation created by Painting Pixels can be played on TV, Websites, YouTube, Social media platforms, DVD, Blu-Ray and even large screens and projectors at exhibitions and shows. We aim for nothing more than professional, premium quality productions, so that we can fulfil our ethos of going above and beyond our client’s expectations and forming strong, lasting relationships for the years to come.

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