2D Animation

2D Animation Services and Explainer Videos for your Business

2D animation services and motion graphics is the perfect marketing tool to help you and your business grab the attention of your customers or fanbase and educate them about your products, processes or services in a fun and engaging way. 

Our 2D animation services is also perfect for 2D explainer videos, corporate explainer videos and also for compliance explainer animations.

So contact us at our London headquarters or Ipswich studio to get started on your own 2d animated motion graphics production, using our 2d animation services. Your specialist bespoke animated explainer video company.

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2D Explainer Animations

2D animation services is great for corporate explainer videos and so the perfect way for you to promote your business services and let your customers learn more about who you are and what you do; allowing you to deliver a consistent message to the masses. 

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Complicated 2D Demonstration Animations

2D animation and motion graphics is also great for explaining and demonstrating complicated procedures and delivering them in an interesting and simpler form which is easier to digest.

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Showcase, Entertain and Promote using 2D Animation

The uses for our 2D animation and motion graphics service is endless and can be applied to anything including effects and titles for videos and even cartoons for entertainment purposes. 

Multimedia Animation – We Can Make Any Style of 2D Animation

And don’t forget; Painting Pixels is a multimedia design studio so we can easily mix any 3D animation and video to your 2d production so there is no limits or constraint on how your message is delivered! 

As a team of talented artists with digital and traditional design and painting backgrounds; we can create any style of 2D animation and motion graphics for your production. 

We can create a unique and bespoke style for you or if you have seen a cool reference on TV or online we can use that as a basis too! So basically we can create any look and style required for your production! 

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Cartoon Characters 2D Animation

2D Animation 1

Textured Photo Collage Animation

video motion graphics title overlays lower thirds

Animated Lower Thirds for Video

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Dynamic Text Animation

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Motion Graphics Text for Video

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Motion Graphic Tracking Animation for Video

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Illustration Stylised Animation

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Special Effects Animation for Video

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Clean Corporate Compliance Explainer Animation

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Animated Title Screens for Video

So what are you looking to use 2D animation for? 

  • Brand Awareness?
  • Marketing for a Service?
  • Promotion of a Product? 
  • Entertainment?
  • Education? 
  • Technical Demonstration?
  • Corporate explainer video?
  • Animated Explainer Video?

Whatever it might be, give us a call and we can help you better understand the process and talk you through what would work best for you and your business. 

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Read on!

Informational 2D Explainer Animation 

Are you looking to inform or educate people on a certain message, compliance procedure, process or subject? One of the best ways to learn is with visual reference. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… So what about 2D animation? Creating simple or complex animated 2D explainer videos can help inform and educate your audience, whether it be about your company, a help guide to bring peace of mind regarding illness or medical procedures for hospitals and surgery’s or maybe an educational animation to help kids learn or bring awareness of a certain social issue. Simple, clean, professional; a 2D animation created by us might be the key to holding your audience’s attention.

Entertainment and Branding 2D Animation 

Are you looking to expand your branding or push your marketing with a new animated short movie or cartoon? Are you looking to adapt a book, comic, script or idea but don’t have the means to do so? Let us take care of it! From the script writing and storyboarding to the animation and post-production, we can aid you with full, professional creative input; such are the benefits of being a multimedia design studio.

Visualisation of Products Explainer Animation 

Are you looking for a new marketing strategy to help push sales for a specific service or product? At Painting Pixels, we could create a showcase piece focusing on the uses and benefits of your product for your customers or a focus piece on your company, the services you offer and the benefits of using you over your competition. Painting Pixels take pride in the quality and care put into our designs and productions so that the end result goes above and beyond our client’s specifications.

Find out more about ‘How Our 2D Animation Service Works‘.