Painting Pixels portfolio/ case study pieces created from projects that we have created for our clients from around the world.

*We know the banner says ‘all projects’ but we do have a shed-load more we’d like to show you. We haven’t had the time to upload them just yet, but if you’d like to see them all; please feel free to drop by our studio and say hello!

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All Projects

3D Speaker Showcase Animation for Celestion

3D Speaker Showcase Animation for Celestion

2D Animation for J and L Recruitment

JLR Icon 001_v001

2D Animation for SmartMix Technology

2D Motion Graphics Animation for Calorie Control Council


3D and Motion Graphics Animation for Woolly Ride Fest 17 Promo


Shanty Pet Comb 3D Animation Explainer Video


2D Animated TV Advert for IMD


3D Product Animation Axi2050 Showcase


Woolly 3D Animation – St Elizabeth Hospice


3D Logo iDent for AbbyCroft Leisure

Concept Design Graphics for Snow White

Shanty PillMate LTD 3D Modelling and Animation


Shanty PillMate AL7D 3D Modelling and Animation


Celestion 3D Explainer Animation


Bluebell Mortgages – Full Branding

Cinderella TV Advert

Cinderella Pantomine – 3D Animation

Painting Pixels Cinderella Thumb Render

Sucralose – 2D Animation

Dummett Copp LLP – 3D Animation and Augmented Reality App

Dom & Jerry: Period End Close – 2D Animation

Aramar Icon

E-Species – 2D & 3D Animation

Gotelee Solicitors – Bespoke Interactive Website Design and Web Animation

Bespoke 2D Animated Explainer Video – Seven Recruitment


Shanty M3 Nitcomb – 3D Modelling & Animation

Tower One – 2D & 3D Animation, Augmented Reality App Design & Development

European Window Film Association – The Benefits of Window Film 2D Animation


Multimedia Animation Showcasing Creep Damage


Snow White Logo and Promo


European Window Film Association – Who Are We 2D Animation


White Brothers – Bespoke Website Design

Honeyrose – E-Commerce and Responsive Website

Bounce Events – Website Design and Branding

UV8 3D Logo Design


Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association – 2D Animation

Home-Start Shepway – Bespoke, Animated and Interactive Website

Land & Water – 3D Animation

Stone Productions – 2D Animation

Stone Productions - 2D Animation Icon

Labour Stages – 3D Medical Animation

Labout 3D Medical Animation Icon

3D Tyre Swap – App Design & Development

3D Tyre Swap Icon

EatSmart – App Design


Orthoactive – Logo, Leaflets, Website & Video Production

PPAR – Augmented Reality App Design & Development

Branded Cuppa – Website Design & Development, 2D Web Animation

FOS Creations – Branding, Business Cards & Website

Lucas Developments – Branding, Website & 3D Animation

Painting Pixels’ Pow Wow – 2D Animation

Pow Wow Icon

P&JKW – Poster Design


Damaris Mode – Bespoke Website & 3D Product Showcase

Suffolk Halal – Branding & Website

SEO Positive – 3D Animation

World War 1 – Interactive Website

WW1 Icon
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