TV Advert Production

Painting Pixels, TV advert production service can help you get your company, product or service in front of millions of UK TV viewers.

A Start To Finish Advertising Service

We offer a complete, start to finish advertising service to get you on national or local TV. Adverts made with us can also be used for online promotions.

Consultation and Key Message

It all starts with a consultation and we discuss your company, product or the services that your looking to advertise in detail and work on the key message and target.

TV Advert Consultation

Ideas, Planning and Research

Once we understand your message and goals; we then conduct any additional research while our creative team plans and puts ideas together to help create a fantastic and engaging advert.

TV Advert Planning and Ideas

Script Writing and Storyboard

We then write up a script for you in such a manner that your key message can be delivered in either a 15 or 30 second advert with the ability to have longer script and advert for online advertising. Once the script is agreed we then create a quick storyboard to visually show you how the advert will flow.

TV Advert Script Writing
15 Second TV Advert
30 Second TV Advert

Clearcast Clearance Process

We take care of the headache of clearing your script with Clearcast and make sure the script and content meets British broadcasting standards.

TV Clear Cast Clearence

Full Advert production

We can then take your advert into full production no matter what content needs creating. As a multimedia design studio we have the ability to create any manner of advert and have the capability and resources to film in either full HD or 4K quality. We can create any form of 3D graphic or visual effects. We can include professional sound recording or bespoke music and SFX design. If need be, we can film in a professional green screen studio, set up industry quailty lighting and create motion capture data and edit the whole advert together with top-end motion graphics design. Basically we can make your advert exactly as you envision no matter what resource is required!

Full TV Advert Production Service
TV Advert Motion Capture
TV Advert Motion Graphics

Buying Air Time

Tell us which broadcaster and which channels you want to advertise with and also the preferred broadcast dates; We can then source and buy broadcasting slots for you, so you only ever have to deal with us and we take care of the whole buying process.

TV Advert Buying Air Time

Advert Submission

Once the advert is complete we wont just leave a video file with you and expect you to take care of the rest. We will export the advert out to the exact regulatory standards and submit the advert on your behalf to your selected region.

TV Advert Submission

Using creativity and innovation; we work with you every step of the way providing a complete and comprehensive advertising strategy, taking your initial ideas to final onscreen delivery. So call us today on 01473 857 860 to get your advert to the nation.

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