Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Why is a Logo so important design studio multimedia ipswich branding norfolk colchester east-anglia bespoke

Why is a Logo so important? Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, out shopping, or maybe want a quick snack on some fast food, you’ll always be looking for the brands that you recognise. And what is the first thing you instantly recognise about these brands? The logo. Logos are an underlooked […]

What are brand guidelines design studio ipswich branding norfolk colchester east-anglia bespoke mono-logo negative-logo standard-logo logo-types vector brand-guidelines branding London

What are brand guidelines? A core component of any business’ success is having an effective and aesthetically impressive brand. This is created by many components that culminate in order to form the business’ branding material, that will be used in the marketing and may be used in or on products/services of the business itself.  In […]

How a logo is constructed thumbnail design studio ipswich branding suffolk norfolk multimedia London UK

How a logo is constructed Logos are a fundamental piece of branding for any business and are constructed with many different elements and constructed to form the finished logo, here we will be exploring how a logo is constructed, what logos are made up of, and how it can be used successfully in a logo […]

Logo Variants and when to use them 1

Logo Variants and when to use them We see logos almost everywhere that we look, they are used digitally, in print, and can even be seen in the foam at the top of a cup of coffee we drink in the morning. They are the symbols used to help us instantly identify a brand or […]


What is Adobe Photoshop and why do we use it? We use Adobe Photoshop extensively in our everyday work. It’s our primary go-to software package alongside our trusted Lightwave 3D. We use Adobe Photoshop for multiple types of projects and use it to create all sorts of graphics, logos, posters, photo editing and also as […]

The Importance of Good Branding

Having a recognisable brand is critical for businesses that want to stick around indefinitely, and the way to do that is to have exceptionally good branding on your side. I would like to go a little into what good branding will yield for your organisation.

What it means to be a Graphic Designer Icon

Every man-made object in the world had to start somewhere and it almost always starts with an initial graphic design, whether it be a quick sketch, illustration or concept drawing. A graphical design is a quick and cheap way to visualise and advertise a product, service or business brand.