How Our 2D Animation Service Works!

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Bespoke 2D Animation Service

Using our 2D animation service is super easy and hassle free as we take care of the whole process from start to finish and deliver back a pretty package. 

Every production is fully project managed and directed; so you don’t now suddenly need to be an expert in animation, motion graphics, a script writer or be a TV director to take advantage of our 2D animation service.

You are of course still very welcome to get as involved as you like and stick your directors hat on! 

Otherwise all we really ever need is some key points and an overview of what your intended message will be and we can then conduct any further research and develop a script for you. 

Once we have a script developed and approved we then create a storyboard so you can visually see how the story will flow from scene to scene. 

We also develop Concept art, including product assets, characters and environments where required; in order for you to see how the final output will look. 

After you approve the storyboard and concept art direction, we then start full production. This includes the creation of all graphical assets including the aforementioned 2d characters and environments etc.

We then animate the scenes as 2d animations or apply motion graphics, titles and text etc where necessary.

A lot of components run in parallel and so while we create assets and animate each scene we also post process sequences and apply any additional colour grading and effects as desired. 

Also at this stage; we record the voiceovers and apply these to the animation timeline and use this as a gauge to time the production. 

We have a vast bank of talented professional voice over artists from all over the world. So your productions with us are never limited as we can get any gender, language and accent! 

The final stages of production are usually the music track and any sound effects. We also have a bank of licensed music and sound effects that can be used in your production or we can create a bespoke score or foley for you! 

Once all production is complete we can then render out at Full HD or 4K resolution depending on your chosen specification. 

We can render out using any desired format or codec; so our productions are perfect for all platforms including websites, video sites like YouTube and Vimeo, sharing, storing and even TV and Cinema! 

So contact us today to start your production! 

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