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Logo Design For Digital and Print

Painting Pixels can create any style and type of logo including 2D and 3D logos and even animated i-dents.

We develop many different styles of logos for all kinds of industries including…. 

  • Automotive 
  • Medical 
  • Finance 
  • Legal 
  • Charity 
  • Sport 
  • Fashion 
  • Online retail 
  • Corporate services 
  • Commercial services 

And much more!

We develop logos with the brands future and direction in mind, creating logos in a manner that is super flexible making our logos perfect for a variety of uses including websites, videos and also print.

We develop all of our logos is super high resolution and or in vector format to ensure they look great no matter where you use them. 

The digital logos always look sharp, even on high-resolution monitors and mobile screens.

Our logos also look great when printed. Perfect for – business cards, promotional leaflets, booklets and also large scale signage such as shop signs and car warps.

All of our logos can be developed further as an animated i-dent, perfect for video intro’s and outro’s

We can additionally create a brand guideline, that allows the use of your logo to stay consistent throughout all your branded products. 

So contact us today to get your logo and brand started! 

[email protected]

01473 857860