Mobile App Development

Bespoke Mobile App Development Service from our Ipswich and London Based Design and Development Studio

Our bespoke mobile app development service is perfect for all business sectors from small companies looking to promote services in a more unique manner above and beyond a website; all the way to large corporations that need extensive, highly functional mobile apps for a multitude of business applications. 

Everything we develop is bespoke from design to coding; so there is no limitation on what you can have as we are not bound by any software or framework limitations. 

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Interactive Mobile App Developer Ipswich Interactive Bespoke Design

Every Type of App Without Limits!

Drawing from our many in-house skills such as 3d modelling, graphic design, creative story telling and the ability to develop in many different programming languages; Painting Pixels can offer up a very unique Mobile App Development service.

We can combine our teams talent in these many areas to bring you state of the art and amazing mobile apps that are fun and functional.

So whether it’s a simple information app with a few bits of text, links and images or a fully developed mobile games app, which requires 3d worlds, characters and creative gameplay; we have you covered!

Fully Project Managed Mobile App Development

All of our mobile app development projects are fully project managed so you can carry on with your days and we will work on the project and update you accordingly.

We can help you to plan and layout your ideas in a logical manner so whether its a business app or a gaming app, we will develop and take your mobile applications from idea to marketing and help turn it into next big hit!

Mobile App Development for IOS and Android 

We develop premium smartphone apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Typically the types of mobile apps we develop include –

  • 3D AR apps, Augmented Reality Apps
  • Information Apps – Business services, Maps, Help Apps
  • 3D Configurator Apps
  • Shopping Apps
  • Extension Apps
  • Games Apps
  • And Much More!

3D AR apps, Augmented Reality Apps and 3D Interactive Apps

Using our 3d modelling and animation skill set; we can develop highly detailed, intuitive 3d assets that can be viewed with our bespoke mobile apps in real-time augmented reality! 

This is great for those looking to showcase their products in finer detail and from all angles as augmented reality apps will allow your viewers to see your products and move around it in real-time in the real world. 

3D Configurator Apps

3D configurator mobile apps are perfect for allowing user to build and view products in real-time. So imagine you’re selling a kitchen design that is configurable; Our configurator app will allow your customer to build and spec out their kitchen and view it in 3D. 

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Information Apps – Business services, Maps, Help Apps

These are perfect native accompanying apps for your website and allow for more advanced functionally, which allows for critical information to be stored within the app and so be functional and useable to your customer base, even if they don’t have an Internet connection. 

Shopping Apps 

Shopping mobile apps are perfect for providing your customers with a more seamless and smoother shopping experience as they will be using a native app and not relying on a mobile web browser for their shopping, which are often slow and clunky.

Shopping apps allow for better sales conversion due to their bespoke user experience and speed as they are not hampered by a users browser and its limitations. 

Extension apps

Extension mobile apps are the perfect way to extend the capabilities of your website and have certain or all aspects of your website be available as a native IOS or android app. 

Such apps still allow you to use and update your website as normal and those updates are directly reflected on the native mobile app without having to download updates for the app from the app store. 

This type of app extension also allows your business and services to extend its functions and tool sets to your client base as native mobile apps provide far great functionality over a website as that is dependent on the capabilities of a web browser.

Games Apps

We can use our 3D modelling, animation and graphic design skill set, along with our storytelling knowledge to bring fun and engaging games to you. 

If you have an idea for a game app, we can help you develop that in to a workable idea with amazing, puzzles, adventure scenes and game modes; then help you take it to market. 

So no matter if its a 2d style casual game to a complex 3d world, we can help you create the next big mobile gaming hit! 

So contact us today to start your own mobile app development. Or drop on by our Ipswich, Suffolk based mobile app development studio and we can review your project in more detail.