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Bespoke and cost effective website Design solutions, hand crafted at our Ipswich Studio

Website Design is more than just creating a website. It’s about the design and development of a solution. Business’ should just buy a website for the sake of having one. Every website should serve a purpose; whether it’s a tool to help inform, promote or directly sell. The needs of each individual business are unique and your website should reflect that. Come and visit us at our Ipswich based website design studio and let’s get you online.

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Properly Responsive Website Design and Development Solution crafted in our Ipswich Based Studio

At Painting Pixels our designers and developers create high quality bespoke website design solutions that are perfectly crafted for your business. Our sites are built from the ground up with a fully responsive structure and use the latest HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP coding conventions allowing them to seamlessly display and function with the latest devices.

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  • Bespoke and Premium Website Design (Designed from the ground up, uniquely for you and to your exact specification.)
  • Cost Effective Solutions (Spread the cost, pay monthly and get online faster with our package solutions.)
  • Responsive Website (Works seamlessly with desktop, tablet computers and mobile smartphones.)
  • E-Commerce Websites (Make an online business; sell both physical products and digital downloads using our e-commerce website solutions.
  • Content Management Systems (Edit and upload content without any programming knowledge. Standard throughout all of our website solutions.)
  • Interactive Elements (Include interactive elements and games to engage your users.)
  • Animated Content ( Include 3D and 2D animated content throughout your website to entertain and inform your audience.)

Website Design With The Perfect Balance Of Form and Function

We listen to our clients and encourage you to get involved and help design and build the site with a combination of your ideas and requirements and our recommendations to achieve a perfect balance of a highly functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing website. So come and visits our Ipswich based website design studio and lets get your website online!

Website Design Solutions

Due to popular demand, Painting Pixels are now officially offering three distinctive website solutions. Along with our much-loved bespoke website service, we are now offering two additional service types including a cost-effective brochure system for your everyday web presence and a new e-commerce system for an inexpensive way of selling products online.

The two new offerings are custom built systems that will allow you to have a new website that looks good and is functional, without breaking the bank!

Call us now on 01473 857860 to start your website solution. Or continue reading down to see some sample of other websites we have created and to read more about the kind of websites we make.

Look through our website design and development portfolio

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Website Design Portfolio

Take a look through our website design portfolio. which includes many different styles of websites for many different types of businesses and industries.

We have designed and developed many times of website at various budgets depending on the specification required by our clients and so can cater for all.

Our website designs range from simple brochure style websites to e-commerce shopping sites and even high-end interactive systems.

So take a look and contact us today to start your website production.

More about what we do with and for websites

Multimedia Assets

At its heart, Painting Pixels is a Multimedia Design studio. This means we have experience and expertise in all areas of design and take this combined knowledge to produce unique and innovative solutions to all of your design needs.

Through the combined effort of all our creative individuals we are able to embed all manner of 2D and 3D animation into your website; showcasing your products and services in a visually engaging manner. This is why every website from Painting Pixels is unique and premium.

Bespoke Graphics

Did you know that it can take less than 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website based upon how it looks? Regardless of your website content and the quality of the services you offer none of it matters if people who visit your website don’t take the time to read it.

First impressions can last for years so making sure that you put your best foot forward is the surest way to build an audience. The talented artists and designers at Painting Pixels produce high quality and bespoke designs and graphical assets for every website we work on; helping to ensure that each website offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance that boasts a premium quality of service.

With such a large range of distinct artistic styles to choose from we work with each of our clients to create a website that suits them.

Content Management Systems

One of the issues most businesses face with their website is the difficulty in making changes to their content. You are often required to pay for a developer to make these changes and should you be wanting to update your website content regularly then this can become very expensive.

New and relevant content is paramount to the long term success of any website and the lack of regular updates could make your website lose traffic.

At Painting Pixels we build all of our websites on a content management system. This allows you yourself to add, edit or delete content and imagery on your website with no coding knowledge. This removes the hassle, time and cost of getting a developer to make these changes for you; helping to keep your website content relevant and fresh with ease.

Responsive Design

Today, mobile devices account for 17.4% of all global website traffic. With the percentage increasing rapidly the importance of mobile optimisation for websites is now more apparent than ever.

A lack of mobile optimisation means that people visiting your website on a mobile device may have difficulty with viewing or accessing content and therefore have a negative experience. For more than one in six people visiting your website to have this same negative experience you could be seriously damaging your business potential.

This is why at Painting Pixels we offer responsive design with all of our websites. Our responsive design allows your website to dynamically detect the screen-size of the device it is being viewed on and seamlessly alter the layout and size of the website to better fit the screen and maintain ease of use.

The same can be said of our full-width responsive design which unlike standard responsive design can support the newer and higher resolution desktop displays; making full use of all the available space on the viewers screen.

Real-time Animation

With website ownership becoming a staple requirement of running a business there is a lot of competition to ensure that your website stands out from amongst the crowd.

Animation has existed on websites in variable forms for some time now however it has always been at the cost of using third-party applications; requiring the viewer to download the latest versions of Java, Unity or Flash in order to see all the website content. This pre-requisite has long proven to be a barrier to entry, where some devices do not have the capacity to support such plugins or more simply, too much is being asked of the viewer.

At Painting Pixels we utilise the latest in coding technologies to allow for real-time animation. Real-time animation means that the viewer is no longer required to download any additional software or plugins but rather the support for all animated elements is built into their web browser itself. This means no barriers to entry and that every member of your audience can experience your website as it was intended.

Interactive Elements

Whatever the purpose of your website, every business is faced with the same challenge; keeping the viewer engaged. When websites all seem to use the same formula and you are faced with large blocks of text it can be easy to lose focus.

Should the viewer become bored or distracted it is highly likely that they will navigate away from the website and not take the time to read your content. Imagery can help to break up the monotony but there is only so much it can do.

Painting Pixels can help bring your website to life through interactive and engaging elements. By using the latest coding technologies we can make objects fade, move and resize amongst other effects to keep the viewer interested and engaged. Whether its small interactive pieces or large animated scenes; interactivity on a website will make sure it gets noticed.

E-commerce Systems

Every day more people are making the decision to shop online. Currently, e-commerce sales are growing by more than 19% per year and if you’re a retailer that is potentially a lot of revenue. At Painting Pixels we can integrate full e-commerce solutions and systems into your website. The allows the user to view the products or services you have available, add them to a cart and checkout through secure payment gateways to make a purchase.

Relevant persons will then be notified of the purchase and successful receipt of payment. The is a fully automated system saving both time and money which can then be invested into other areas. These systems are fully integrated with your bespoke website design and content management system allowing complete ease of use and control.

Search Engine Optimisation

In today’s modern age, online competition can become fierce with business’ striving to reach top ranking search results. For a lot of industries new business is integral to their long term success and as such ensuring that prospective clients find you website before your competitors can be game-changing.

That is why at Painting Pixels we can ensure that our websites are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ready; helping you to reach those elusive high ranks as easily as possible. For SEO to have a big effect you website needs to have it built into its core; this is why SEO is considered from the start of any web project.

Cost Effective Solutions

We appreciate that for some business’ a website can appear to be an unnecessary expense but because we truly believe in the value of a good website we try to work with all client budgets, large and small, to find affordable website solutions to suit them. When everything is so bespoke there are no fixed prices and finding a suitable package is just a telephone call away.