3D Animation

3D Animated Productions

3D animation is a great way to tell a story, to describe a service or to visualise a particular product or process. Here at Painting Pixels our talented team of professional artists, specialise in creating highly detailed 3D models, 3D animations and 3D visualisations for a wide range of service sectors; including:

•Corporate •SME •Aerospace •Defense and Security •Banking •Chemistry and Medical •Electronics •Manufacturing •Engineering •Public •Telecommunications •Transport •Tourism •Utilities and Energy •Entertainment •Language •Education •Social •Building and Architecture •Regeneration •Government

Have a quick watch through our 3d animation and modelling showreel to get you inspired!

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Types of 3D Services

Using 3D modelling and 3D animation tools, our team of 3D artists have created some amazing 3D animations and visuals including complex organic character models, sophisticated rigging, hyper realistic automotive visualisation, technical industrial renders, 3D stereoscopic animations, 3D logo’s and animated i-dents, to name a few!

Below you’ll see a handful of 3D based services just to give you an idea of some of the categories we work with, but we can pretty much design and model anything for anything and it doesn’t need to be defined in an category!

3d character animation cartoon modelling ipswich london east anglia suffolk colchester essex 1000x563 1

3D Character Modelling and Animation

For TV, film, web icons, mascots, animated cartoon series, company branding and identity etc

3d automotive animation modelling renders graphics ipswich london colchester suffolk essex 1000x563 1

3D Automotive Design

To showcase latest supercar designs for TV adverts and promotional material etc

3d industrial animation complex processes and machines ipswich london suffolk east anglia essex colchester 1000x565 1

3D Industrial Animation

To showcase complex industrial machines and processes

3d logo design animation modelling ipswich london suffolk essex colchester 1000x563 1

3D Logo Design and Animated I-dents

Branding and websites. Animated versions are perfect for the beginning of presentations and corporate videos etc

3d animation architectural visualisation modelling building design ipswich suffolk local east anglia london colchester 1000x563 1

3D Architectural Modelling

To create 3D renders for sales brochures, planning and animated fly-throughs

3d animation medical explainer process demonstration ipswich london suffolk essex colchester 1000x552 1

3D Medical Animations

Demonstrate and explain precise medical processes and procedures to help in medical learning and training.

3d product modelling animation demo explainer graphic ipswich suffolk local ipswich london essex colchester east anglia 1000x552 1

3D Product Design and Prototyping

To help visualise and build a new product for better marketing and sales to winning a new patent etc

3d interior animation rendering modelling ipswich suffolk london architectural visualisation colchester 1000x563 1

3D Interior Design and Animation

For show homes and developments, using 3D renders to market and sell

3d environmental animation modelling sets fantasy scenes open area visual render ipswich suffolk london essex colchester 1000x550 1

3D Environmental Set Design

For TV, films and planning process. From fantasy scenes to real world environments

So the above are just some of the regular types of projects that we work on weekly. But we do much more, we are a full production company so we can design and animate for large complex productions for high budget website campaigns, TV adverts, TV series, live on-stage animated productions, 3D stereoscopic animations to even cinema. We can create any form of 3D animation or render no matter how complex or obscure at the highest levels and output as a 3d stereoscopic production, full 1080p HD quality, 4K or even higher.

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Or take a look at our 2D Animation and Video Production services.

Why use 3D animation?

With the increase in computational power and capability of 3D software packages, the cost of creating 3D animation is becoming far more accessible to the everyday business. It’s a great technology to help demonstrate a complex process or service.

Instead of requiring several long paragraphs of text to explain a service; it’s easier and far more engaging to create a short 20 second, 30 second or 1 minute visually appealing 3D animation to explain a service better to your audience. It’s all about grabbing your audience’s attention and allowing them to understand your product, process or service as quickly and as amusingly as possible.

This is why you will notice a large amount of TV adverts utilise the power of 3D animation for their selling. For example, many product manufacturers use 3D to help showcase their products, as it’s easier for them to manipulate and render an item in any position and also control things lighting and weather and environment etc to allow their showcase piece to look it’s best and reach its full potential, so basically the constraints and laws of the physical world do not matter and or effect your vision for the perfect end result.

How it works

Once you know you’re ready to start your production and you contact us, the first thing we do is invite you down to our studio and just listen to your story, take notes and talk through all your requirements. If it’s easier for you, we can come and visit you at your office; we usually carry our iPad and MacBook with us so can show you examples etc. In instances were travelling is not possible, we can still have a full consultation over the phone or skype call. We do this often with our international client base.

It’s common to not know exactly what you want out of the 3D animation, similar to some of our past clients, so on these instances we would ask what message you are trying to get across and then we would offer suggestions to best tell that story.

Sometimes our clients don’t know what the message is, nor have a fully structured idea of what kind of animation they’re looking for; all they know is that they have a product and they want an animation to help sell that product. In these instances, we would go ahead and research the product on their behalf, create a strategy, create a story and key point messages and continue on and develop idea’s, concepts and write out either a script or screenplay.

However, you may already have a great idea and know how the animation should flow. In these instances, we would talk through your idea in detail and help develop the story further if needed. Once agreed we would move on to the developmental stage, including storyboarding and concept development.

Everything we do is fully bespoke and every client requirement is unique. As mentioned above, we create animations for all sorts of different things and different sectors. So we know exactly how the pipeline should flow and so we are happy to Project Manage from start to finish because no matter how the brief is delivered to us, the sequence of events we follow have a similar workflow.

3D Pipeline

1. Consultation

This is when we have a sit down in our studio, at your address or hold a conversation over the phone and discuss what your requirements are and also what it is that you are trying to achieve through 3D animation.

2. Research

Once we have a summary of what the requirements are and have developed on the idea, path and direction. We can then conduct any necessary research that is required, including textures, features, props, photos, stats, writing etc.

3. Idea development

This is where we can help you to develop on your idea, script or vision, backed up by any further research on the topic or assets etc. This is good as it helps strategise where different levels of 3D can be utilised.

4. Scripting/ Screenplay

We can help in the writing of scripts or screenplay. There have been many instances where a client may have a great idea or vision for animation but has not thought through the full system including, structure or step by step process, dialogue, events and/or sequences. So even times where a script or screen play is not requested, we sometimes create a rough version to help structure the workflow of the animation.

5. Concept design

In this stage we create any necessary concepts of characters, props, and environments. We base these visual concepts off the descriptions in the script.

6. Voiceover recording and sound recording

We have a large base of voiceover and audio artist that create all audio for our animations. In this stage we have our audio, sound effects and voiceover pieces recorded.

7. Storyboarding

This is the stage where we take the script, screenplay or story and create a visual, step by step representation of the sequence of events. This works twofold as it helps illustrate to the client how the animation will link together and run. Also it helps us keep on track and understand our animation creation sequence. We often create video storyboards and edit in all voiceover and audio tracks for longer larger budget animations. This helps us keep better sequence timing and track the process better.

8. 3D modelling of all assets

In this stage we create all necessary 3D models, right from the largest 3d environments to detailed 3D characters to the tiniest props. These models are based off the concept sketches created at the concept art stage. We also create the range of phonemes for any character models. Phonemes are the shapes that the face makes as you pronounce as syllable, letter, or word.

9. Texturing

We proceed to texturing all the 3d models. We texture using several different methods including, just applying simple maps to using multiple procedurals to high end UV mapping. On large scenes, multiple styles of texturing can be used; typically we would unwrap and use high level texturing for a 3d character that is close to the camera and perhaps use simpler maps on far off scenery. A good practice that we use is to throw each model into a scene with realistic lighting. Even though the lighting in the final animation may not look like this, it gives us a good start in working out the texture values.

10. Rigging

We rig all objects that require movement and sometimes even rig inanimate objects. We rig non animated objects with simple nodes to help move them around the scene for easier setup. We create more complex rigs for 3D character models. So whether they are bipedal, quadruped or something else, we can create any form of rigging to allow that character or object to animate and move seamlessly.

11. Setup

This is where we take all the created objects, characters and environments and set them all out in the scene as per the storyboard. We create all the camera’s and set them to their shooting angles and ready everything else for animation.

12. Lighting

This is where we fully light the scene in accordance to the descriptions in the script. In this stage we often change some of the values of the texture maps to be more complementary to the scene and lighting environment.

13. Animation

Animation is the step by step process off moving the rigged characters or objects to a position recording their movement and moving the position again. We typically create our animations at 25 frames a second and so a lot of intricate movements need to take place to deliver a single second of animation. Often multiple elements are being animated for every second of footage. This is most common in character animation where the body, limbs and head needs to move and animate along with the expressions of the mouth and eyes, which all need to work in sync with the others in order to allow the animation to look smooth and non-robotic.

Off topic, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to animate a human character properly and at how easy it is to make a human character move in a poor robotic fashion. But most surprisingly if you try and animate a robotic character and try and animate it in that poor quality robotic style you’ll still find that it doesn’t look quite right, even though it’s a robot. This is why at Painting Pixels we only hire the most talented artists who understand the theory behind anatomy, movement and physiology so to have the ability to understand and create more realistic looking and fluid animations sequences.

14. Render output

This is the stage where we allow our large investment in to rendering hardware come in to its own. We set up the scenes and set the directories and hit render. We allow the computers to crunch the numbers and visualise every frame of our animation.

As a minimum we render out at full 1080p HD quality but we can render out at 4K or higher. We unusually agree this in the initial consultation stage or ideas stage. This is because even though we would still technically be able render at higher resolutions, each render time will increase 8 fold and add to costs and also all texture will look blurry as they would have only been created in HD quality instead of 4K and or higher.

15. Video Editing

This is the stage where we compile all the rendered frames and stitch them together in sequence as per the storyboard or animated storyboard. We create any required transitions and make any necessary cuts.

16. Post production special effects

It’s not necessary to use post effect’s on everything though we do tend to add some form of additional effect to spruce up the final look of the animations. Post production effects can be anything from changes in colours, grades to explosions and added smoke and dynamics etc.

17. Sound design and Final Edit

In this stage we add in all the final audio and voiceover tracks, synchronise everything and add additional effects for any post graphics like, explosion or bullets, flashes etc

18. Final output

Final output is the render from the editing suit. We usually have a fully uncompressed render and alternate renders in a variety of formats so that the animation can be viewed on multiple platforms.

19. Delivery

We then deliver the final piece on the agreed platform whether it be a video for use on websites and social media like YouTube or burnt on to physical blu-ray disc.

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  • Multimedia Animation

    We are extremely happy with the excellent animation that the team at Painting Pixels have created for EPBA – European Portable Battery Association. They worked with us every step of the way from providing guidance to the script writing to the final production. We will be using Painting Pixels for future projects and highly recommend them.”


    2D Animated Compliance Explainer

    ‘Working with the team at Painting Pixels was a very pleasant experience. They are very talented in their trade and helped guide us through the full animated production process. We worked with them from start to finish from the very first draft script, all the way through full animated production and to the final output. They were very flexible with our changes and patient for feedback. They delivered the project to the promised time and budget. We would happily use Painting Pixels again and would also highly recommend them to anyone wishing to showcase any product, service or idea”


    2D Explainer Animations for Kellen

    We worked with Painting Pixels on a couple of animated videos for one of our clients and were more than happy with the final result! Ali and his team were very easy to deal with, they responded very promptly and always came back with good suggestions and solutions to our issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.

    Raquel Ponte Costa
    Senior Association Manager / Kellen

    Fun 2D Animation for J and L Recruitment

    I am really delighted to have discovered Painting Pixels. I did ponder as to what service I could expect having noted that your company seemed to be the only one offering such services within the Ipswich area. I cannot advise enough on how pleased and impressed I was with the service and end-product of which you provided. You have created a stunning, fun and engaging animation for us to throw out on the internet to help promote our services, and allowing us to engage better with our desired market and proving our understanding into the industry we work. Your creative thinking inside and outside the box has taken a subject matter that isn’t really associated with Jun and colour, to something that is interesting and exciting to watch and learn about. Based on how this animation has turned out, we will be creating more additional detailed animations based on particular segments and will definitely be using Painting Pixels again. I’m really happy with the result and would recommend using Painting Pixels for everything creative!

    J and L Recruitment

    Website Design

    Working with Painting Pixels was a fantastic and stress-free process. I had a very tight budget but they still managed to create an amazing looking website for me. It has all the features that I want and is easy to manage and update. They were very clear with everything they were doing and gave great advice on making the website function as intended going forward. I still contact them if I get stuck when updating my website and they are always friendly and helpful.


    Website and Video Production

    It’s wonderful working with Painting Pixels and watching my projects come to life. They have worked side by side with us over many years and produced many design assets including, high-quality information leaflets, responsive website and many video productions, which our patients find very helpful. They are good listeners and have a very professional service. We will continue to use them for all future projects.


    Bespoke 3D Logo Design

    I needed a logo created for my new company. I didn’t want just any old bog standard 2D logo from your everyday graphic designers. I needed a premium 3D logo, which had great detail and depth. I contacted Painting Pixels as I could tell they are experts in 3D. It was coming to the Christmas break and wanted to get the logo complete. They managed to fit my logo in to their schedule and even came back into the studio on Christmas eve to make some final adjustments. They created a fantastic looking 3D logo, which I can now use everywhere and it has the potential to be animated in the future. They went above and beyond and I’m extremely happy with the service and final product.

    Director / UV8

    3D Animation for Video Production

    We’ve been working with Painting Pixels for many years now and they are our go to place for all things design and animation. We use them all the time for their expertise in 3D animation and motion graphics. If you need any kind of high quality design and animation give Painting Pixels a call; we did and never looked back.

    Director / Summer isle

    3D Stereoscopic Animation

    Wow what a find Panting Pixels where! They helped us put on the World’s Biggest Panto; with eye popping 3D Stereoscopic graphics. They were an exciting and creative bunch to work with and went above and beyond to deliver us additional content at the highest quality. The show was a success and we will be using them for all future shows.


    Full Branding Package and Responsive Website

    Painting Pixels developed our full branding package, which consisted of a new bespoke logo, responsive website and everything else in between including, letterheads, compliment slips, business cards and advertising leaflets. The designs where fresh and modern and gave us the appeal that we were going for. They listened to our requirements and delivered a high quality end product. We would recommend every time.


    3D Explainer Animation for Trade Show

    Fantastic service and communication! We wanted to exhibit our SEO services at a large internet convention. However due to our line of work, we didn’t have many images or graphics, which would help attract attention from the passerby. We wanted a way to demonstrate our services which mainly deals with statistics, web rankings and PPC and wanted a way to show off these services in a more visual manner. We heard about the quality work that Painting Pixels does so gave them a call. They came to our studio and brainstormed some great ideas with us. They created a fantastic 3d mascot and a whole new world and a completely new way of presenting a data driven service. We are delighted with the end result and we are also very much impressed with the level of communication that we received throughout the entire process. This is a completely different style of marketing for us; but because of the high level of communication and service; we felt very well looked after. We would highly recommend.

    SEO Positive

    3D Animations for my clients

    I have referred a number of clients to Painting Pixels and they have always delivered great work, on time and within budget. It is refreshing to have such a good team on hand to help those clients who need 3D animations as part of their marketing or promotional campaigns.


    Bespoke Website Splash Design

    Brilliant work under a tight deadline! I am very happy with the work done by Painting Pixels. I needed to have a web presence immediately as I would have an article which was to be published and released the following day. It was late in the evening and I really needed to have a website so that people could find my contact details online. I called Painting Pixels and they promised to put up a splash page which would contain all the necessary contact details. After a quick meeting they created a splash page which was ready for me in a matter of hours. The Splash page looked great and was online straight away. I am very happy with how they helped out in this very tight deadline and delivered what I needed with great speed, efficiency and service.

    Director / Fine Forests

    Logo Design for FBS

    Would Recommend Every time! I wanted a fantastic looking set logos which would both be corporate and not too corporate at the same time. Also I needed the logos to help bring all the different business services together but still make them look like they are full professional separate services but under the same company for better service and convenience. Painting pixels created a unique set of logos which looked professional and separated the business service cleverly by using different colours and a graphic feature. I am very happy with the result and out of the box thinking and would recommend them every time.

    Jamie Finch

    Interactive Real-time Car App

    Fantastic Technology and Vision! We are a company which uses that latest in modern technology and design to create our extraordinary super cars. We needed a way to demonstrate particular features and to demonstrate also how specific features like the unique door system would open. Originally we were going to go for a standard 3D animation as we did not know about the 4d technology. We searched around for many different 3d design companies and Painting Pixels quality of work caught our eye. After a detailed meeting we were delighted to learn that they can offer exactly what we actually wanted which was indeed 4D animation. They created an Application for us which allowed us to rotate our new super car with the mouse which meant that we could precisely see how the car looks from every angle. Also the 4D allows us to zoom in and see how the more intricate design features worked. We are delight to have met with Painting Pixels as they had the vision to see beyond what we asked for and offered us a better solution to our problem and so gave us exactly what we wanted. This was a fantastic use of technology and Painting Pixels did a fantastic job.

    Director / Draco

    Online Advert Design

    Fantastic turnaround times! We needed a handful of online advertising banners at various pixel resolutions and needed them to be done quick. After a quick phone call; Painting Pixels created many different and original designs for us. The whole process was very fast; to my delight. So very happy with the all the designs, speed and service.

    UK Toys and Games

    Bespoke, Interactive Website

    Thanks for your continued Support! We have been working with Painting Pixels for many years now. We first came in contact with them when we needed to update our website. They created a hand crafted bespoke website for us and the unique look and design appealed well to our services and worked well with the head office guidelines. We did not have a large budget however Painting Pixels offered us this full and bespoke site at discounted rate as a charitable gesture. We are delighted with the website and appreciate the great value. Painting Pixels continues to support us and maintains the domain and also hosts the website free of charge. Good honest company, we would definitely recommend them.


    Monitor My Baby Website Re-design

    Great Design work! We needed to have our e-commerce website redesigned. We didn’t want to use a common web development company as they tend to have a specific design style. So after a quick search we found Painting Pixels. Their work and range of skills looked very impressive. They created a very attractive design template that wrapped to the design structure of our site. The design appealed well to our customer base and looks bright, clean and colourful. It is both attractive and easy to navigate and so our website continues to function fantastically but also looks good. The re- design was created very quick and the whole integration and service as a whole was very efficient and so I am very pleased with how the project turned out. We will be using them again.

    Monitor My Baby
    UK Distributions

    Logo Re-creation – Intra natura

    Quality and great value for money! We wanted to have our logo recreated in hi-resolution, having looked at painting pixels website they looked like they had the right skills to deliver the logo with great quality and speed. We were not left disappointed. They done a great job in matching accurately to the original fonts and recreated the logo perfectly. If any new projects come up we will use them again.

    Director / Intra Natura

    Illustration of Concept Data in a Beautiful Way

    Brilliant! I needed to demonstrate a concept that I had to add to my book. I created a rough black and white hand drawn sketch but needed it to be created in to a professional illustration. Painting Pixels understood the concept clearly and produced a fine illustration, which perfectly demonstrates my concept. It’s a complicated concept and so I am delighted that they understood it so well and recreated it with fantastic quality, brilliant.


    Bespoke Website Design

    Complete Dedication! We needed a new website for our Ipswich market and so approached Painting Pixels. We had seen their previous work and were very impressed. We did not have the biggest of budgets and so were unsure of the quality of website that we would get. Painting Pixels were very friendly and assured us that they would give us nothing less than a quality site and they were right. The website that we got is way better than we thought. The way it both looks and functions is perfect. We were constantly updated with the progress and knew that they were completely dedicated to producing a site that we would love. I would recommend them every time.


    More Industrial Explainer Animation

    Superb Demonstration Animation! Industrial cleaning is never going to be the most exciting subject but with a minimal number of drawings and technical information Painting Pixels have helped us to explain our cleaning technologies via animation to clients from across the world including companies like Shell, BP and ExxonMobil. Painting Pixels were able to ‘get inside our heads’ , take our ideas and produce very high quality animations. Their customer service and communication were also great. Would highly recommend and happy to provide references.

    Managing Director / Tube Tech International

    3D Furnace animation

    Quality 3D Design service! The animation is great we love the detail in all the 3d assets. It really clearly helps us to demonstrate our industrial cleaning process. The quality of the animation is really good and complimented by a brilliant service. It’s obvious that you have given 110% It’s amazing how effectively you can work with minimal  drawings and technical information. Again a great quality piece of work and great service, we will be using you again.

    AIF Poster Design

    Thanks for helping us out! We really appreciate your help in taking on the design work for this campaign. We love the design and have had great compliments from everyone who has seen it. It’s really eye catching and people are taking notice of the campaign. Thanks again for helping us out.


    Logo Design – Your First Motor

    First Class Job! We needed a cool new logo but didn’t really know what we wanted. We looked around at many different design companies and their portfolio and range of work was very uninspired. We came across Painting Pixels and loved their work and range of design disciplines. We did not give them a design brief but instead just explained what the company does, the whole process was very quick and hassle free. They came up with this eye catching and memorable logo which we love. We are very happy with the speed and quality and would highly recommend.


    3D Dredging animation

    Way better than we had imagined! We needed a 3D animation which would clearly demonstrate a unique dredging process and wanted to showcase this at an exhibition. We called Painting Pixels to help make our animation. We did not at first realise that their offices were based three hours drive away, however we had no problems with dealing with a company that was not local to us. They were very flexible in meeting our requirements and clear in their approach. They constantly updated us on every stage of the process and the end product was way better than we had imagined. We had many comments at the exhibition regarding the quality of the animation and so we are very happy to have worked with Painting Pixels and will most definitely be using them again.

    Land and Water

    3D Industrial Animation

    With a very tight budget Painting Pixels were able to produce a top quality 3D animation in a short timeframe. Very pleased with the outcome and the interaction with Painting Pixels personnel. Will return to them without hesitation for our next project.

    Marketing Manager / Tube Tech International

    3D Paediatric Animation

    They gave more than expected! I have to say, I am very pleased with the outcome of this project. I’m no expert in the field of 3D animation but I knew that the budget that I had for this project was not very big. However Painting Pixels were very kind to take on the project and I am so impressed and absolutely blown away by the quality and effort that they have put in. I will be using them again and recommend them to everyone.