World War 1 – Interactive Website

The world war 1 interactive website is a new style of online browser based websites that are highly interactive, immersive and create for a far better online experience. Interactive online experiences are essentially rich media apps that can be experienced online and without the need to download the app first. The World War 1 Interactive Website features a fully interactive 3D homepage interface.

WW1_Home_Screen_00000 WW1_Home_Screen_00128

For this project we created the homepage as a 3D modelled and rendered wartime war-room or generals war planning room. The room is fully bespoke and allowed us to create features with the room that act as interaction points or links to other pages. In this particular room there are 4 points of interaction including the flags on the table, which allows the user to change the language. The calendar on the left wall, which allows the user to select different points in time to reveal more news and events on that date. We also have an old style TV set, that plays a video documentary when selected. Finally there is the WW1 archive and timeline, which allows the user to visual walk down the long rows of history.

WW1_Home_Screen_00269 WW1_Timeline_001_v001_00120


The project utilised a range of our multimedia design skills including 3D modelling and animation, web app development and post production effects. Our interactive online website experiences are a mixture of website development and 3D productions techniques, which combine to create the whole visually appealing immersive experiences.

If you would like to know more about the World War 1 Interactive Website experience, or if you are thinking of having your own interactive online website created, then give us a call on 01473 857860