E-Species – 2D & 3D Animation

The Client

E-Species is a company producing an upcoming website and app for use in schools and homes to create a balance sheet detailing species of flora and fauna around your location. When E-Species came to Painting Pixels they were looking for an animation that would make use of both 2D and 3D elements to explain what the website and app will do.

The Deliverables

2D Animation – To produce a 2D animation that educates and informs the view about E-Species and what it is.

3D Animation – To design, model, rig and animate a 3D Mascot for the company and incorporate it with the 2D Animation and an introductory voice over.

E-Species Gecko

The Process

2D Animation
E-Species 2DE-Species 2D

As the animation needed to appeal to wide audience, young and old, we new we had to find a style of animation suitable for this that would be easy for everyone to follow. This is why we opted for a cartoony, hand drawn and painted style that was bright, colourful and clear. These assets were animated in a way that would make the whole ‘story’ easy to follow; with the use of size changes drawing the viewers attention to the relevant subject matter whilst all other assets remain motionless. The animation itself was tailored to the pacing of a voice over recording provided by the client themselves.

3D Animation

Gecko DevelopmentE-Species GeckoE-Species Gecko

The second stage of the project was the 3D Animation. Here the client wanted us to design, model rig and animate a 3D Character Mascot for the introduction and ending of the 2D Animation. We began by producing character concepts for the mascot, with the client eventually choosing the Gecko. From this point forward our 3D Artists took the reins and modelled, rigged and animated the Gecko to match up with the timings of the professionally recorded voice over. Finally the 3D sequence was merged with the 2D Animation in the editing phases of the project to pull everything together.

The Result

The E-Species team was really happy with the finished animation as it not only educated and informed viewers but demanded their attention, regardless of age.