What Does Apple’s WWDC17 Keynote Mean for Us?

What Does Apple’s WWDC17 Keynote Mean for Us?

There’s no pretending. We do love Apple’s products. The products look good and function remarkably well.

We genuinely do find that using such products allows us to be more creative and efficient in business as the equipment, the technology and the systems that link all the products together, just work! And this ultimately allows us to stop thinking about the tool that we are using and get on with the work at hand!

And so we pretty much have everything that Apple’s made!

So what does the latest keynote mean for us?

Well in a word ‘UPGRADES’. As much as we like them we do hate how bloody often they upgrade their line up!

It’s an odd one because year on year we do require better and more powerful kit! and so they churn out the kit!

However its an expensive process!

This is what we have as standard currently. The most powerful Mac Pro they had to date, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.

Apple Products

This is their new line up.

A new iMac this time a (Pro) as oppose to the independent Mac Pro. I don’t imagine they will completely replace the current Mac Pro with the iMac Pro as this will take away the option to use monitors by other companies! But saying that its Apple and Apple like Apple!

imac pro
Copyright Apple Inc

The new slightly bigger iPad Pro, But still smaller than the original Pro. Not a whole lot better that from the current Pro but lets see!

new ipad
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And the MacBook Pro. Yes we know this came out months before. But we haven’t talked about it yet!

macbook pro
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So were undecided still; if we want to upgrade or not. Follow our blog to find out of we take the very expensive plunge ‘Again’!

We reckon the best part to come out of this keynote is the upgrade to the IOS. The new IOS 11 looks amazing and seems like it will bring is powerful features and changes to help us work with Apple products in new and better ways!

ipad ios 11
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We are very excited about the new file system for the iPad Pro. We always said how can a device truly be pro if we can even organise and use files with the our apps the same as we would on the OS devices. This will hopefully resolve these basic and silly issue and allow us to carry a single device and not lug around both and iPad and MacBook to meetings!

iOS files
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We love the new way of making notes and marking up PDF’s and Images more easily.

ipad markup
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ipad notes
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These are our initial thoughts said out load…digitally…using text and images!

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All the images that belong to Apple have been captioned with copyright!