Video Production

Video Production for Corporate Explainers, Websites, TV Adverts and More

Painting Pixels offers a full service video production package including high-end filming and editing solutions, for all forms of production; fully conceptualised and edited in our Ipswich, suffolk based editing suite.

Our video production process can include the following –

  • Research
  • Initial Planning and Idea Development
  • Concept Creation – Characters, Types of Scenes – Summery
  • Script or Screenplay Development
  • Location and Stage Scouting
  • Storyboarding
  • Filming in 1080P HD or 4K UHD Quality
  • Sound Recording
  • Voiceovers
  • Full Editing
  • Full Post Production
  • Render Out to Multiple Formats

Production Proven Expertise in Video Capture, Editing and Distribution


Our experienced team of videographers, directors and creative editors have the knowledge and skill set to bring out the maximum value to each shot and every production.

Using our advanced digital technology and multi-site facility’s; Painting Pixels can film, edit and distribute productions for national and local TV; including TV shows and TV adverts.

We film and produce for cinema in resolutions of 4K and up using our state of the art digital camera equipment. Our video production services also cater for corporate style videos where we can combine our animation overlays and create bespoke explainer video pieces to help you showcase your business products, processes and services.

Green Screen FilmingPainting Pixels Green Screen Studio With CastGreen Screen RehearsalGreen Screen SetupProfessional Audio Recording SetupPainting Pixels Makeup Artist

Using video is a great way to deliver your message to your audience, showcase your products and even help sell your service. We can combine video production with our skills in post production special effects and 3D animation to truly help your video deliver your intended message. Think Big! Or let us think think big for you; using our script and story writing service.

You don’t need to know the process of video production or what camera to use to have an amazing video created. We are proud to say that we are the experts and understand the technicalities in video production. We will help take your video from initial concept to final output and work with you every step of the way.

Video RecordingVideo FilmingIn-house LightingPainting Pixels Professional Camera Rig

Sometimes all you need to know is that you want a video. Painting Pixels can take care of the rest! Our creative team can help you develop an idea and make the necessary suggestions in filming style, layout, sequences etc thanks to understanding in the process and principle behind storytelling, screenplay writing and script development. We know how to best deliver your message verbally and visually in a harmonising high quality video production.

orthoactive kornel orthoactive invisalign

Our knowledge in filming, directing, cinema and gripping storytelling allows us to create engaging multimedia videos. We have a good understanding of technology and hardware including cameras and lighting rig; so we can create more beautiful shots and scenes and visual storyboards that are more engaging and poignant. All this makes us unique and sets us apart from being just another camera crew.

We use high end video recording technology and can capture super clean and crisp footage in either full 1080p HD quality or even Ultra HD 4K.We can additionally capture footage using our stereoscopic HD cameras, which is perfect for any 3DTV. Or if you’re looking at cinema quality we can record all footage using our RED ONE camera.

In regards to filming the scenes we can film on-site at your location or depending on the type of shoot, we can even use our in-house filming studio, which is fully set up with lighting and Green Screen backdrops. For Bigger shoots we can use off site green screen studio’s, which are perfectly to allow for the clearest of motion graphics animations.

As with our lighting setup in our 3D animations, it’s also necessary to light scenes in the real world correctly. We can’t just rely on the sun to give us perfectly lit summer days, especially here in the UK! So we imitate lighting and set the scene and cast the shadows as we need it. This also gives us further control when adding in post effects and creating 3D set extensions.

The benefits to using a multimedia company like us rather then a video recording companies, means that we can design and set up shots with 3D set extensions or animations already in mind rather then it being an after thought. We set the stage and setup Green screen’s to best optimise the inclusion of CGI special effects and characters, which will interact with the physical world. The mixture of blending CGI and real world footage is great for TV and movies.

total brain total mind green screentotal brain total mind edit

orthoactive area camera and boom microphone
Green Screen recording is popular with the corporate types. It helps aid the selling of services and products as we can edit out the Green and throw in any type of background or effect so to help better illustrate and sell the key message.

As stated before we are not just a camera crew! we create full productions from start to finish. This includes the planning, the script or screenplay writing, storyboarding, filming, editing, post effects and sounds design. We can add any form of sounds effects, music tracks or voiceover to your production. We aim to deliver the complete package ready to be showed off to the world.