Testing a new iOS app called Duet

Painting Pixels quick test of a iOS app that we came across recently called ‘Duet’.

Anyone who has visited our studio will know that we are massive Apple fans and that we like to keep the studio clean and minimal.

This is also true for our desktop space where we would rather not clutter it with tons of Dell screens to achieve a multi screen setup. We like the minimal look of just having a single Mac Pro and a single cinema display.

However sometimes we do need a second screen for added convince as swiping desktops with the Apple magic mouse is simply not effective enough.

So finding this app by chance was great! It has allowed us to all extend the screen out a little bit when we need that constantly displaying second screen.

Its simple to use –

  1. Download the app on an iPad or other iOS device
  2. Then download the desktop software and install.
  3. Plug the device into the computer
  4. Lauch the app and away you go.


Theres more info on there website found here in the link – https://www.duetdisplay.com

“We must stress that this is not one of our apps nor do we have anything to do with this company. Its simply an app that we came across that we found helpful in our design studio and so thought we would share with you”


Painting Pixels Testing Duet Display App

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