Nvidia Tegra K1 announced

Nvidia Tegra K1 – The Future of Mobile Graphics

With the annual Computer Entertainment Show (CES) currently ongoing in Las Vegas it was the perfect time for Chip-maker Nvidia to announce a new processor destined for mobile devices said to offer better graphics than the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

So what’s so good about the Nvidia Tegra K1?

The processor known as the Tegra K1 features 192 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cores based on the same Kelper technology used in the firm’s high end PC components.

Nvidia’s current generation Tegra 4 mobile chips – which feature 72 GPU cores – are used in a variety of mobile devices including Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablet.

California-based Nvidia’s chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang described the Tegra K1 as offering next-generation graphics to mobile devices “for the first time” when he announced the news at the show. He noted that whilst the chip outperformed the last-generation consoles, it required just 5% of their power.

He added that it would be released in two variants: one with a quad-core Cortex A15 Central Processing Unit (CPU) design by the firm ARM; the second with Nvidia’s forthcoming dual-core Denver CPU, which is a customised version of ARM’s more powerful 64-bit V8 architecture.

Offering a 64-bit CPU means the chip can theoretically be used in high end mobile devices that require more Random-Access Memory (RAM) than a 32-bit chip can address.

The Tegra K1 is set to raise the bar for what is expected in terms of graphics performance on mobile devices and at Painting Pixels we make use of the latest technologies available to consumers and business’. As a multimedia design studio Painting Pixels can take the knowledge and expertise gained from working in the field of 3D to fully capitalise on such technological advancements to produce cutting-edge, high quality and bespoke apps for you.


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