LightWave 3D 11.6 Released

NewTek’s 3D modelling and animation software just got an upgrade; Lightwave 3D 11.6

Painting Pixels NevronMotion
Painting Pixels ChronoSculpt

NewTek announced the final release of LightWave 3D 11.6 and the plug-in’s NevronMotion and ChronoSculpt at the beginning of the month. The latest revision of LightWave 3D introduces many new ways for artists and designers to model, animate, capture, retarget and input and output to 3D. One of these new features is the Spline Control tool, making it easier than ever to control and deform objects such as tentacles, tails and whips whilst maintaining realistic shape and motion; something that used to take significantly more time and effort.

We also see the introduction of Raycast motion that utilizes raycasting technology to make an animated object aware of its surroundings. One example of its usage could be an animation of a vehicle navigating rough and rocky terrain. Thanks to Raycast Motion the vehicle can respond to this terrain and showcase its ability to adapt and manoeuvre across the difficult landscape.

Other features include the ability to view assets within LightWave ‘Open-GL’ and see them exactly as they will appear in the final real-time display engine whether it’s for virtual production, pre-visualisation or game development. Not to be confused with VPR. The addition of new import and export options to support the popular STL, PLY and VRML file formats allows for 3D colour printing of objects with texture maps.

For LightWave 3D, 11 or higher owners the upgrade to LightWave 3D 11.6 is free. For those upgrading from versions, 10 and earlier it will cost you roughly £430 whilst buying 11.6 outright will set you back almost £930. The NevronMotion and ChronoSculpt plug-ins are sold separately and will come in at around £185 and £250 respectively.

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