What is graphic design?

So what is Graphic Design exactly?

Graphic Design is the art of communicating a message to people by utilising imagery, layouts, and typography. It is the art of making something that is attention grabbing, or directs attention. In all of its incarnations it must be able to communicate with the person experiencing the design.

What are its uses?

Graphic design is utilised in almost everything that is produced for you to look at. Websites, for example, utilise graphic design as well as posters, user interfaces for phones and tablets, 3D environments and much more. It is a designer’s job to communicate where the visitor is supposed to be looking using the design of the layout in addition to the colour scheme. A website’s design has to be eye catching and efficiently direct a visitor towards important content so it is not missed due to irrelevant distractions.

For posters and leaflets, graphic design is used to inform you about a certain business or event. Much like in websites, your eye is supposed to be lead to the important content whilst not downplaying everything else that it is being advertised. In this instance, typography and layouts may be used to their full potential to achieve this delicate balance. The focus may be a lot more on pop art in posters and leaflets if it is trying to promote and artistic product, and this is where colour theory really comes into play when designing something graphically.

In logos and merchandising, design is used to convey the brand’s target demographic as well as demonstrate a particular brand concept to customers and potential clients. Basically, it is used to inform, rather than direct your attention. Of course there is no reason it can’t be attention grabbing as well.

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