What it means to be a graphic designer

What is the purpose of a Graphic Designer?

Every man-made object in the world had to start somewhere and it almost always starts with an initial graphic design, whether it be a quick sketch, illustration or concept drawing. A graphical design is a quick and cheap way to visualise and advertise a product, service or business brand.

No matter how good a company and or its services are, if a competitor with equal service qualities has a better graphical appearance they will almost certainly win your business. So when a customer or client does not know a business personally, the first point that they will judge on is its visual appearance. Even though that judgement may be only a second or two, it is still long enough to make that critical judgment and decide if they want to progress further and invest their time browsing your website content or picking up and reading your advertising material.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

Using clip art to represent your company or service is never a good idea especially when used in logos. A company logo is a major part of a company’s brand identity and getting a professional graphic designer to create a bespoke brand identity will allow any company to look more professional, reassure a client or customer of the quality of product and or service that the business offers and ultimately give the business that extra edge in gaining and keeping customers.

The same applies to any advertising material, whether it be a brochure, leaflet or even business cards. A professionally designed and branded company is more easily identifiable and remembered and if both the company and advertising material have a consistent look and feel, a business will be better associated with the intended product or services.