The importance of good branding

Your branding is your identity

A brand is something that people relate to a product or business. It is, in essence, the image the consumers and businesses look at while interacting with a particular product or underlying business. Branding is what makes the product recognisable; it is what gives the business the image and reputation it needs to succeed. The brand is your product identity and the branding is the core business concepts and imagery which allows customers to differentiate your company from its competitors.

Having a recognisable brand is critical for businesses that want to stick around indefinitely, and the way to do that is to have exceptionally good branding on your side. I would like to go a little into what good branding will yield for your organisation.

Branding will build recognition for your product and company, which is important because it allows customers to quickly identify a product with your brand. One of the best examples of great brand recognition is Coca-Cola, whose branding endeavours are so successful that they basically own the colour red (read more about colour and branding here) and Christmas (Santa was green before the famous ‘Holidays are coming’ ad!). The purpose of building brand recognition is for your brand to stay in the mind of the consumers. The more familiar the consumer becomes with your brand, the more loyal they will be and they will return to you to buy your product.

In addition, you increase the legitimacy of your brand as you get more and more loyalty and familiarity from customers. This means that people will perceive your brand as being more reliable, leading to greater profits as your company becomes the go-to place in your niche.

Having a good brand essentially means that your product is rooted into the publics’ mind. Branding inspires customer loyalty and it also influences your company’s staying power if the brand is strong enough.

At Painting Pixels our team of talented artists are able to help your organisation create a strong, unique and recognisable brand because we understand branding and the concepts behind it. We work tirelessly with our clients until we achieve a result that we are sure will be successful, and that our customers will be delighted with.