Adventure at the ITV Anglia Studio

What an amazing morning at the ITV Anglia TV Studio based in Norwich!


I had an amazing time touring the studio and getting valuable insight in to how the studio operates and how all the cogs turn to broadcast the quality content.

A massive thank you to Aisling @WeatherAisling and Lisa for showing me around the studio and also allowing me to be a weatherman for the morning (Definitely a bucket list item ticked off!)


Aisling showing me the ropes on how to be a good weatherman


I gave the forecast for the remainder of the day and tomorrow. But waffled a lot! so its no good if you actually want to know what the weather will be like for today and tomorrow. But here is the Pro in action –


During the morning we also discussed TV advertising and the enormous power and benefits that its still has. We worked through facts and figures around the TV advert industry and squashed many of the misconceptions based around the expense and reach of modern TV adverts.

Painting Pixels are specialist in creating video and animation content for TV, so it was great discussing how this can all feature on local and national TV via engaging TV adverts.

The facts speak of themselves and so to summarise TV advertising is still the best way to get your business, product and brand out to the largest audience at once!


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