Painting Pixels at Anglia Business Exhibition 2016

Painting Pixels is delighted to have exhibited at the Anglia Business Exhibition 2016, which took place just on the outskirts of Ipswich, Suffolk at Trinity Park. Where the Suffolk Show takes place annually.

It was a great day and we met some amazing new people and found some genuine business leads. We got great interest in our 3D Animation, 2D Animation and full TV Advert Production services. We hope to start on these new animations and explainer video’s soon so we can help showcase our new found client’s products and business services

We were super busy on the lead up to the show as we were completing a few other projects so ended up clobbering together a stand just hours before the show opened (Whoops!). However, it came together well in the end and it definitely did the job! We got the right type of attention and projects!

Take a look below at our stand from the ABE 2016 show.

Painting Pixels ABE 2016 - 002 Painting Pixels ABE 2016 - 004 Painting Pixels ABE 2016 - 009 Painting Pixels ABE 2016 - 006 Painting Pixels ABE 2016 - 007 Painting Pixels ABE 2016 - 010 Painting Pixels ABE 2016 - 011 Painting Pixels ABE 2016 - 013 Painting Pixels ABE 2016 - 014

We’ve been attending the show every year since it first kicked off and every year the show has gotten bigger and bigger so the event organisers are doing a great job! The only criticism was the lack of advertising around the county and so lack of actual visitors. Most of the people walking around the show were other business exhibitors rather than actual interested visitors and so even though we did get some nice business leads, it was only buy selling to other exhibitors.

Please feel free to share our experience from ABE 2016