The uses of Industrial Modelling and Animation

The uses of Industrial Modelling and Animation

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Utilising industrial modelling and animation is a great way for industrial firms, engineering companies and manufactures to demonstrate how a complicated industrial product or process works. There is no limitation to what can be created by using 3D industrial modelling and 2D/3D animation, It’s possible to create anything from large scale factory setups to small intricate devices.

As 3D technology advances, compatibility between 3D engineering packages and 3D/2D visualisation packages have become far greater. It’s possible to accurately create a complicated industrial unit from 2D CAD drawings or even directly take a 3D CAD model and transfer it accurately into a 3D visualisation package where it can be visually simulated.

3D animations are invaluable to the industrial sector and serve best when a complicated process has to be described to clients or staff for tendering or training. 3D animations provide a detailed visual element to any presentation and helps to clearly demonstrate how a procedure would work, creating a clearer understating and making for a better learning experience. 3D industrial modelling and animation also provides a level of flexibility that cannot be produced in a real-life situation, for example in a situation where it’s necessary to understand and see what’s happing inside an industrial furnace, where it would be too dangerous or impractical to a get camera crew inside.

Creating an industrial product or scene in 3D space allows for a less cluttered environment where only the necessary components are created and simulated. The unlimited nature of what can be produced and simulated and the flexibility that 3D industrial animation provides also allows for any kind of theoretical product or process to be created and so is a cost-effective and practicable way to demonstrate how something would look or work before going into the large expense of building it.

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