Lucas Developments – Branding, Website & 3D Animation

The Client

Lucas Developments are a Nottinghamshire based company operating in construction, property development, plant sales, machinery sales and cell site services. When approached by Lucas Developments they had no form of branding or digital marketing and promotional material and were looking for high quality and bespoke solutions to make them stand out.

Lucas Developments House Illustration Lucas Developments IconLucas Developments House

The Deliverables

Logo Design – Produce a large selection of logo concepts which will be gradually refined and altered to the client specification; eventually providing a final logo design. The design needs to be bespoke and suitable for use on both digital and print material.

Business Card Design – Produce a business card design that incorporates the newly designed logo and establishes a brand through colour and shape. The digital files are to be provided in a print ready format.

3D Modelling & Animation – To plan, model and animate a series of short 3D clips to be used on the website. These need to fit into the aesthetic of the website and work on all possible platforms.

Website Design – Produce a selection of website designs that synergise with the logo and branding. These designs will then be altered and refined to the client request with one of the designs then being selected.

Website Development – Develop the front end of the website based upon the design incorporating the previously created 3D Animations. The front end needs to be fully responsive; dynamically scaling to be clearly viewable on any device regardless of the screen size. The website needs to hook into a content management system so that text and imagery can easily be added, edited or deleted with no coding knowledge.

One important thing to note was that due to the complexity and the scale of the project the client was concerned that not having an online presence sooner would have a detrimental effect on their business. As such we created a temporary website for them so that they were able to promote and market the business for the whole duration of the project. This was something that the client was delighted to have and showcased our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Process

Logo Design

Lucas Developments Logo

When designing the logo for Lucas Developments they were unsure as to what they were looking for. That is why we produced within excess of 50 different designs and variations for their viewing and consideration. This process involved creating an initial set of concepts that covered a whole array of design styles. From this the client was able to select several styles which they liked which allowed us to then refine those designs and produce a few more of those particular styles. This process then continued until the number of possible designs was reduced and the client picked a final design.

Business Card Design

Lucas Developments Business Cards

Once the logo was finished and approved we were able to work on the business card design. Whilst working on the design our focus was to produce a design that complemented the logo and as such reinforced a brand. The client was then able to request any changes or alterations they desired before we provided them with the final, print ready, double sided design for their use.

3D Modelling & Animation

LD Banner

When Lucas Developments approached us they knew they wanted something that would make their website stand out. Thanks to recent advancements in web coding technologies we knew that we would be able to embed any form of 2D or 3D Animation into a website; helping to bring it to life, tell a story or sell a service. When we spoke about the possibility of this the client was surprised to hear that such things were possible and agreed that it would complement the website. We began by planning where and what the animations would show. We decided that the inclusion of an animated banner at the top of the website would be a great way to grab attention and could be used to highlight the area of the website the user is viewing. The next stage was for us to create models to represent each of the clients’ core service sectors. These models were then textured and animated to produce short introductory yet suggestive clips to then be used on the website.

Website Design

Lucas Developments - Branding, Website & 3D Animation 1 Lucas Developments - Branding, Website & 3D Animation 2 Lucas Developments - Branding, Website & 3D Animation 3 Lucas Developments - Branding, Website & 3D Animation 4 Lucas Developments - Branding, Website & 3D Animation 5 Lucas Developments - Branding, Website & 3D Animation 6

Before we could begin website development we needed to produce a design that would not only appeal to the client but to the website users. It was also important that the design worked well with the branding that we had already established with the logo and business card designs. We produced an array of designs for the client to choose from and presented them in the web browser. The images were formatted in a way which made them appear just as the final website would appear on a desktop; despite being static imagery. This enabled the client to more effectively visualise what each design would actually look like as a website and as such enabled them to make a decision where they knew exactly what they were getting. Much like with the logo design the client was then able to make suggestions for alterations which we then carried out until a final design was selected.

Website Development


Now that the branding, design and animation were complete it was time to develop the website itself. The development of the website was split into two parts, frontend and back-end. Looking at the front-end we build the website responsively from the ground up. This meant that regardless of the device you use to view the website you won’t be missing out on any content and everything remains clear. Aside from embedding the 3D Animation clips we knew that we wanted elements to make use of slight interactive animation. One example of this was the enquiry form on individual vehicle pages which fades in and out smoothly on the click of a button. These features may seem small but truly added new depth to the website. The back-end requirements were a content management system that allowed the client to add, edit and delete website content. We knew that in order to maintain ease of use on the clients part we were going to have to heavily optimise and customise the back-end. As such we implemented specific categories for the different types of post and page featuring on the website. We also implemented a plethora of custom input fields allowing the client to specify attribute such as make, model and price with ease. There was even the implementation of a custom PDF upload and attachment feature to allow the client to add PDF specification sheet attachments to each and every vehicle or part.

The Result

Once the project was complete the client was provided with a bespoke logo and branding solution; business cards in a print ready digital format that made use of the new logo and branding and a professionally designed and developed responsive, interactive and animated website that further strengthened branding and promoted the business and its services in a positive manner. The client was astonished at our capacity to address each and every design solution they confronted us with and the level of care we show for all of our clientele. With ease of use in mind the client was surprised by the simplicity of their backend systems and the speed at which they were able to modify their website. Our knowledge of multimedia design is what made this project possible as all of our talented individuals combined their expertise to provide yet another premium design solution.