Land & Water – 3D Animation

The Client

Land & Water is an award winning group of companies that specialises in marine based civil engineering, dredging and remediation projects. When Land & Water came to Painting Pixels they were looking for a 3D Visualisation Animation to showcase how their latest dredging systems work.

Land & Water Boat

The Deliverables

3D Animation – To create a high quality 3D animation that showcases the way the clients dredging systems work to highly accurate measurements.

The Process

3D Animation

Our process for the 3D Animation for Land & Water was quite particular as the client was looking for an animation where the models would be accurate in scale to within millimetres. Making use of provided imagery all of the 3D assets were modelled to highly accurate measurements before being animated to showcase the systems functionality. The client was very particular on what they wanted to showcase and how they wanted to showcase it which meant working closely with them every step of the way to ensure the animation fully embodied their vision.

Land & Water BoatLand & Water Boat Land & Water Boat

The Result

The final animation was one that the client was enamoured with; showcasing a level of detail they thought impossible with only imagery to go off of. View the end results at the top of this page.