Labour Stages – 3D Medical Animation

The labour stages 3d medical animation was created to show how a new medical technique is used to accurately predict the rate of birth.

The objective:

The process maps the unborn child from the womb to birth by using detailed 3D modelling and animation to tell the story. We used the fully rendered 3D graphics along with several info-graphics to demonstrate the technical medical process in an easy to understand visual manner.

Graphic Design:

The info-graphics are animated graphics that show data in a more visual manner. The info-graphics that we created were designed to display the data for the measurements of the head decent, head perineum, dilation of cervix and head rotation. The info-graphics directly collate with the on-screen 3D medical animation of the various stages of the labour process.

3D Modelling & Animation:

The models for the 3D animation of both the baby and the abdomen of the mother were edited off actual 3D medical scans. This allowed us real world accuracy in size of the womb and accuracy of the baby, positioning and rotation. We kept the design, colours and renders for the interface and info-graphics very clean in order to be readable and easy to understand. We also kept the renders of the baby and mother very toned down and left the colours more illustrative to suit the surrounding effects and graphics. The actual images of the ultrasounds were provided to us, which we simply edited into the work.

The result:

This was a very informative project which we enjoyed as with all technical animations, it’s necessary for us to understand the process fully before translating it visually on-screen. So our knowledge in the technical and medical world continues to grow, which enable us to accurately showcase any detailed process with a high level of accuracy.

For more information on labour stages 3D medical animation, or if you would like to have your own technical medical process shown using our skills in 3D and 2D animation then feel free to give us a call on 01473 857860