European Window Film Association – The Benefits of Window Film 2D Animation

The Client

Established in the year 2000 by major window film manufacturers, the European Window Film Association brings together manufactures and distributors with the purpose of promoting window film products in Europe. When they came to Painting Pixels the EWFA was looking for a fun but informative 2D Animation that explained the benefits of window film to viewers.

The Deliverables

2D Animation – To produce a fun, informative and educational 2D Animation that makes use of stylised, high quality and bespoke graphics to explain the benefits of window film.

The Process

2D Animation

The key requirement of the animation was that it was fun, but informative. In order to achieve this we knew we had to develop a unique art style that, when animated, would offer a fun and modern take on window film. All of the graphical assets for the animation were produced in house by our talented artists before being taken through the animation process. We opted for a fast but fluid animation style as the pacing would help to maintain the viewers attention. As with a lot of our 2D Animation projects there was also a script that required a professional voice over artists reading. Once we had acquired the voice over we pulled everything together with the addition of some background music to produce the final animation.

The Result

The EWFA were delighted with the animation as not only did it meet the requirements of the brief in full but far exceed any expectations they had. The team at Painting Pixels really enjoyed the EWFA project and were glad to be able to hand over a fantastic animation despite the international nature of the project.