Digital Marketing Content For Ipswich Witches Speedway

Animated Video Production For Ipswich Witches Speedway For Social Media Marketing

We had a great time filming and creating these bespoke video productions for Ipswich Witches Speedway.

We visited the riders at the press lunch for their new race season where they had all their media content created including photographs for press and interviews.

It was a great day and very fun to meet the rider and all the other behind the scenes team that work tirelessly to make Ipswich Witches speedway Club a success.

4K Filming Kit

The filming did not take place in our studio but instead was filmed at their press launch site and so we visited the site with our remote filming kit, including 4k camera, full lighting rig and green screen backdrop kit.

The Task – Cameras, Lights and Action!

Our task was to film all the riders performing celebratory actions, which was an absolute laugh.

We filmed them against our portable green screen with all the lighting in place.

Post Production

Once we had all the shots we then edited out the clips and cleaned up the green screen background before apply all the special effects.

Ipswich Witches Video Production Editing After Effects GIFS 4K Painting Pixels

The video clips where used on their website and also across social media and highlight race wins and points.

It was a live ongoing process, which was great for the fans who were following the racing via social media streams and so a video victory clips popped up when a race was won or points awarded!