Damaris Mode – Bespoke Website & 3D Product Showcase

Damaris Mode Coolture, a new, innovative fashion company that combines modern aesthetic with functionality and purpose.

They came to us with an idea and we brought it to life.

A fantastic showcase of the talent and services we offer as a multimedia design studio; a bespoke, fully responsive, interactive website with e-commerce, shopping cart and gallery features alongside an interactive 3D animation product showcase were created for Damaris.

The Website

Damaris Mode Coolture

Damaris is innovation, and more than anything else the website needed to reflect that. Right off the bat we knew that the website needed to be built around the product; the Damaris Solaris, and the featured Animation. As such the website is as much of a part of the animation as the animation is a part of website.

At all times the product should be the focus, so with layers on interactivity and engagement built into the website the users feel like they are part of the online experience, and not just another average-joe website. The users could scroll, step by step, through the animation and were given first-hand experience on the features and functionality of the bag. Witch each time they engage with the animation they are rewarded with new visuals, animation and text. The user is now a vital part of the website itself.

The Animation

Damaris Solaris

Modern, stylish and sleek, the interactive 3D animation was made to appeal to its main target audience; people looking for high-end fashion, technology fans and those looking for functional, ever-day-use accessories.

A slightly futuristic style was implemented into the design of the animation, utilising simple and clean info-graphics and animations to draw the eye and attract attention.

The purpose of the animation was to introduce, explain and advertise the product simultaneously so that users were always aware of purpose and functionality of the product whilst it being showcased in a visually appealing and entertaining manner.

Needless to say, the animation more than delivered.

Our Approach

Damaris Mode Coolture

Everyone on the Painting Pixels team are first and foremost artists. We pride ourselves on the creativity and quality of our work. That we provide bespoke solutions and unique experiences to all of our clients

So when it came to the creation of the website and animation, the team went all out.

We came together and analysed both our client and their audience to the fullest extent. From that we gathered together our data and started creating early concepts and styles to be carried across both the website and animation.

From there we began showing the client multiple design concepts for the website to help us gain an even better understanding of what they wanted and the direction to take. Storyboards and animation concepts were created and both the Animation and Website started to take shape simultaneously. The 3D model of the product was created from scratch, digitally modelled by hand after studying the physical product in person. Once we had finished editing the animation in post-production, we implemented it into the main site, where any final changes could be done by our talented team of expert programmers. We then continued to build the rest of the site and its features around the product and animation; keeping focus on advertising and promoting the product at all times.

The Results

As we took a step back and presented the final project to our clients we were all left astounded. The benefits of us being a multimedia design studio means that we can give life to any idea of concept to the very fullest with our wide variety of design and media services. What we had created wasn’t just any ordinary website or animation. It was an experience. The kind people at Damaris Mode Coolture had a problem and they came to us for help. We offered them not just our services but a solution.

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