Celestion 3D Explainer Animation

3D Product Explainer Animation

The Client

Painting Pixels are delighted to have worked with Celestion; designers and manufactures of high-end industrial PA systems. The type of systems that you’ll find blowing your ears off at any rock concerts and other arena events!

The Story

The 3D animation showcases their latest product line the ‘FTX’ series. The story behind the animation is to demonstrate the difference and also the benefits of this new technology in comparison to the older two-way speaker systems.

motion graphics_11_01_2016.00_00_19_20.Still002motion graphics_11_01_2016.00_00_34_10.Still003

The Process

As always; we meet with the client first and discuss the project in detail and run through all the product features and really learn and understand the system and technology ourselves.

We do a lot of work with the industrial, product design, mechanical and technology sector so have a gained a good understanding of manufacturing and engineering methods.

motion graphics_11_01_2016.00_01_13_00.Still005motion graphics_11_01_2016.00_00_50_05.Still004

So with a good knowledge and understanding of the FTX product, we then went on to create a quick written story, which we then adapted in to a visual storyboard.

After approval of the storyboard we then began the 3D modelling stage.

We then progressed to texturing and animating individual clips to later export in to our post production suites, where we then added in additional motion graphics.

We then exported out a full 1080p HD video, ready for tradeshows and their own website. Addtionally the videos can be used for sharing in social media sites like Youtube, facebook and twitter etc.

motion graphics_11_01_2016.00_01_19_20.Still006

This was a nice small but fun project and being enthusiasts about good music and audio production, allowed us to appreciated and enjoy the product and the work we done in creating this animation.

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If you are look to showcase or demonstrate your own product using 3D animation then give us a call today.