Button Battery Safety 2D Animation For EPBA

The Task

Painting Pixels was asked to create an animated 2D explainer video for EPBA highlighting the dangers of button and coin cell batteries around the house too small children, as well as ways to ensure children can’t access them and what to do if a child ingests a battery.

What was Involved?

This animation was very fun to work on from start all the way to finish, this project involved elements of,


.Concept Art

.Script Writing

.2D Animation

.Motion Graphics


Based in Brussels, The European Portable Battery Association (EPBA) is the voice of authority in the portable power industry. EPBA’s goal is to provide customers with complete power solutions which are sustainable across their life-cycle. Whilst also supporting the common interests of all members regarding battery chargers and portable batteries.


To kick start this project we were initially provided with a rough script that required a little bit of further development. From there we moved on to the storyboarding phase this is where we came up with the whole design and look of the animation, and also what would happen in each scene according to the script.

Button Battery Safety 2D Animation For EPBA 1

After we had our final script and story board in place we had to begin working on things to be used in the actually animation such as the Voice over (VO) as well as assets and graphics to be animated. Al. of the assets in this animation where made by our team in house on Adobe Illustrator.

Button Battery Safety 2D Animation For EPBA 2

Finally we had to bring all of this together, by using our storyboard and script we animated our assets in time with the VO on Adobe After Effects to create our final production.

Additionally we created different language versions for the animation. See below and follow the links to view the animations.

Project Update 11/0/19

We have had an update for this project, EPBA has contacted us and asked if we could divide the original explainer video into two parts and give them different videos, the fist of the two is the shorter of the two and has been titled Button cells – where to find them and why are they dangerous.

And the second video is longer and titled How to avoid incident with battery cells.

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