2D Explainer Animation For VIPA

The Task

We were approached by the Vacuum Insulation Panel Global Association or VIPA for short, to create a 3-4 minute 2d explainer animation highlighting the uses and benefits of Vacuum Insulation Panels or VIP’s for short.


VIPA is a global trade association that is the voice of the VIP’s industry promoting quality and raising awareness about the potential of VIP’s to reduce energy costs and save space whilst reducing carbon dioxide emissions in a range of applications and industries.


Once we decided on a complete script we got to work on creating a storyboard and animatic. These were to figure out how we were going to best tell the story in the script.

Firstly we worked on the storyboard this was to help us decide on the overall look and feel of the animation as well as figuring out how to best convey the message and overall story of the animation.

Graphic Design Company Ipswich Storyboarding For 2D Explainer Animations

Next we took our storyboard and turned it into a rough animatic, by doing this we could figure out the timing of the animation as well as see how well it all flowed. Once this was done it was sent over to the client for approval as animatics are a great way to show how the final product will come across.

After both the storyboard and animatic were approved we then had to crack on with building bespoke assets for the animation in Adobe Illustrator, these assets included things such as characters, buildings, Appliances as well as the VIP’s themselves.

Once all of our assets had been made we were ready to begin animating and bringing everything together with Adobe After Effects!

After we had finished animating we had a final animation to be proud of! We really had fun working on this project the whole look and style of the animation was very fun to create we also enjoyed tackling and figuring out the best way to get some of the tricky to demonstrate points about VIPA and Vip’s across to the audience.

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