Texting message shorthand spelling

Text message shorthand is dead and I’m happy about that!


I just had a thought! Growing up in the good old days meant using those red handwriting pens and writing pages and pages of cursive text and reviewing every word using a big fat English dictionary.

Then came along a weird mobile phone device with the ability to send text messages with the funny little buttons with multiple letters. It made way for shorthand messages as people tried to send hours and hours of conversation within a single text.

This then led to poor spelling and words that were hard to decipher and comprehend. Years went by with twisty thumbs and broken language.

Then boom! Smartphones came out with their full touchscreen qwerty keypads. (Let’s not talk about blackberry pads) And then slowly people started using full words again! Hurrah!

It was just a quick thought process that ran through my head and I was like ‘hmm interesting’ and thought I’d share!

It’s funny how we seem to adapt ourselves so quickly and easily to new technologies and it just becomes intuitive and part of our lives.

Dont talk to me about autocorrect!

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