What is augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is a new type of mobile phone application that strives to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Augmented reality apps utilise the cameras found on almost all modern day mobile devices to experience the world around you in new and unique ways.

You can virtually superimpose anything imaginable into the physical world. Using Augmented Reality Applications present a sure way to improve awareness of your brand or promotion campaign. By using this service you are guaranteeing to give your event or brand an extra dimension, allowing users to engage even more fully by simply using your branded app.

How does Augmented Reality differ from Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality replaces the real world with a computer simulated environment. This could be anything from a lifelike immersive experience such as a cockpit visualisation for pilot training to a completely imagined world. Therefore, whereas Virtual Reality seeks to replace the real world, Augmented Reality seeks to add further dimensions to the already existing environment.

How can Augmented Reality benefit a brand?

Customers will talk about your brand for one of two reasons; either because you have failed to meet their expectations or you have surpassed them. Augmented Reality is one way to ensure the latter, and demonstrates that you are an innovative and forward thinking company. Furthermore, with the accelerating smartphone market and shift to mobile devices, implementing Augmented Reality is an investment which can only continue to pay off in the future.

This technology gives your target audience the richest and most interactive experience possible, and tells the story of your brand without commission driven sales advisors looking over their shoulder. The beauty of Augmented Reality is it puts the fun back into engaging with a brand, the novelty factor is exciting and gives customers a sense that they are accessing special or private content, making them feel valued rather than coldly sold to. The icing on the cake is that recent research suggests that Augmented Reality increases the perceived value of products/services.

Aside from wowing potential and existing customers, Augmented Reality technology can benefit a business behind the scenes as well. This technology could help to keep costs down; huge screens and media players required for 3D promotional activities are rendered obsolete when a customer can access the content directly through their mobile device. Furthermore, the vast amount of behavioural data available can help a business to truly understand how their (potential) customers are interacting with their brand, and areas they might consider improving.

What are some practical applications of Augmented Reality?

Whilst the possibilities truly are endless, here are a few examples of how Augmented Reality could be used in a promotional setting:

• Augmented Reality enabled packaging could activate an animated product demonstration, such as 3D spins and the product in use. This could be highly useful in cases whereby it is impractical to showcase each product.

• A promotional stand could activate a video of real customer testimonials. Frequently customers search for reviews when they have left a shop setting, with a view to potentially making a purchase at a later date. Reading testimonials whilst viewing a product acts as strong social reinforcement, and may encourage a purchase there and then.

• Marketing material such as posters could activate exclusive time based promotions (e.g. valid for today only), again encouraging spontaneous purchasing.

• As an alternative to customer help lines, support could be administered using Augmented Reality. For example, an app which acts as a virtual instructor for basic problem solving.

• In an educational setting, certain historical and cultural locations could activate extra information and interactive learning resources.

How can a business make the transition to Augmented Reality?

It is likely that the average consumer is not familiar with Augmented Reality technology, therefore a business needs to inspire them to interact with it, and gently educate them in how to do so. If implementing an Augmented Reality app, the interface should be simple to understand and intuitive to use. It could even include basic overlaying instructions that the user is able to hide and activate when they need to.

Whether you are considering adding a small interactive element to your promotional material, or a whole new Augmented Reality campaign, Painting Pixels Multimedia Design Studio have the experience and knowledge to help bring you brand to life, and wow potential customers as well as your existing ones.


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