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Painting Pixels Brochure Website Design

Our cost-effective brochure website solution is perfect for new start-up companies, one-man-bands, new businesses that want to allow their new venture to make money first before spending large amounts on a new website or even for smaller companies who simply just want to get online fast with a cost-effective but highly functional website.

The brochure website system was built in-house from the ground up by our talented team of developers and was designed for ease of use in mind. The bespoke structure was built on the WordPress platform and so allows for easy content management, which means you can easily upload images and text without any coding knowledge. The structure is fully responsive so works perfectly on desktop computer, smartphones and tablet computers.

Complete Piece of Mind
Your brochure website will be fully hosted and maintained against any security threats or any automated updates to systems and platforms that may cause errors. We will look our for and fix any system errors so you can focus on your business.

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This brochure website system is easy to use and allows for those on a small budget to get online fast. We will help with the set-up and give advice and guidance on the system.

The brochure website system is perfect for –

• Start-up companies
• One man bands
• Those that need a web presence without all the fancy extras
• Those on a budget
• Those who want to spread the cost and allow their new company to make money first before buying into an expensive website
• Individuals
• Small companies

Typical industries that use this brochure website system –

• Dentists
• Plumbers
• Window Cleaners
• Handyman Services
• Restaurants
• Florists
• Cafes
• Doctors surgeries
• Garages
• Artists
• Cleaning Services
• Gardeners/ Landscape Artists
• Hairdressers
• Painter and Decorator
• Electrician
• Vets

However, for an additional fee you can customise the brochure website system add interactive elements, animations, video and more advanced features when you’re ready.


Why use our monthly subscription service as oppose to paying a one off fee?

  • Our subscription service is popular due to the fact that it requires minimal upfront capital to get you online.
  • You get peace of mind knowing that your website is being looked after, updated and maintained.
  • You are given access to use a website system that would have otherwise cost you many, many thousands of pounds.
  • Unlike one off websites, our monthly subscription service allows for future feature updates to keep your site highly functional for the life of your subscription.
  • Save even more money has hosting is included at no additional cost.

Whats the difference in using a cheap online theme and your subscription service?

  • Downloading and using themes usually involves you purchasing off an unknown online company. We are a local design company that you can actually visit.
  • Unlike online themes our system is purpose built and so is light and efficient without in unnecessary bloated code.
  • We fully manage and host your website.
  • Our team provides direct support
  • And most importantly we actually install and set up the website for you.

Includes, Features and Live Examples

Take a look at all the amazing services and features included within the brochure website subscription service.

PP Brochure Website


Full Setup

Content Management

Responsive Design

Branded Colours


Feature Updates

Free Emails

Security Updates

System Updates


Support Via Ticketing System

Newsletter Updates

  • £45.00/PCM

One time setup fee, from - £50.00

Uses 'Triangle Package' Server

Please see below for further package details and also carefully read terms and conditions before purchase.
All of our prices exclude VAT at the current rate. PCM= Per calendar month


  • Logo Area
  • Menu System with Subcategories
  • Rotating Multi Banner System
  • Dedicated ‘Service’ Homepage Widget
  • Welcome Text Area
  • Dedicated ‘Service’ Sidebar Widget
  • Recent Post Widget
  • Two Level Footer System
  • Four Column Footer System for Widgets
  • Footer Widgets
  • Dedicated ‘Contact Us’ Widget
  • ‘About Us’ Page
  • Dedicated ‘Team’ Section with Team Photos and Social Links
  • Social Widget
  • Dedicated ‘Services’ Page for Each Service Detail
  • Dedicated ‘Service’ Widget Page
  • Dictated ‘Testimonials’ Page
  • Dedicated ‘Blog’ Page with Multiple Layouts
  • Contact Page with ‘Contact Us’ Form

Live Examples


Test out our live examples sites.

Plumbing Website
Florist Website

Lets Get Started

Call us today on 01473 857869 to get started.

To speed up the setup process and get your business online as soon as possible we need you to provide the following content. (Don’t worry if you are unable to provide content including text and images. We can use our copy writer for text and we can of course design any banners, graphics and logo for you.) (Please note we only require all of this information if you have opted to pay the additional fee for the advanced setup process)

  1. Logo
    • Your company logo ( We can design this for you if you do not already have one – See our Graphic Design Services)
  2. Menu Items: Pages – No more than 5 pages recommended for main menu. Excludes homepage. (Typical menu items)
    • Home
    • About
    • Services
    • News
    • Testimonials
    • Contact
  3. Home Page:
    • Banner Graphics: Minimum 2 recommended at 1920×600
    • Welcome text
  4. Services: 
    • Minimum 4 services recommended or up to 4 products promoted.
    • Photo/graphics for each service
    • Service title
    • Service description
  5. About:
    • Text with info about your business and anything else you feel is relevant.
    • Photos and graphics can be added
  6. Team:
    • Photo of staff member
    • Full name
    • Job role
    • Individual social media
    • Brief summery for staff
  7. News:
    • Minimum 4 news pieces recommended
    • Photo/graphics for each piece
    • Title for each story
    • Text content story
  8. Testimonials 
    • Text content for testimonials
  9. Contacts 
    • Contacts information; Telephone, Mobile, Address etc
    • Text information for contacts page
  10. Social media
    • Links to all associated social media sites.
  11. Colour Pallet: 
  • Minimum 3 recommended
  • To be provided as hex code




Standard setup

We will set up your website for you to ensure that you have everything in place and allow you to start adding content to go live quickly. The setup process includes installing your new website on our server, ensuring it has the latest updates and security features from day one. The setup process also includes the pointing of your domain name if you already have a registered domain. If not? we can also help you to register a domain and set up the website.

Additionally our standard setup process includes – Uploading your logo, adding your contact details in the footer and contact form, linking up your social media accounts and setting up the site to use your branding colours.

We will then provide you with full login details for you to continue to upload the remainder of your content at your own time and pace.

Advanced setup

However for an additional labour fee of £100+vat; We can help you to upload the content in the correct manner this also includes help with any resizing and compression of images. The content can include your banners, text and other graphics. If you do not have this content we can create these bespoke pieces for you for a fee.

Content Management System 

The system is built on a WordPress platform which is a content management system. This means you can edit and upload text content and images without any programming knowledge.

Custom Branded Colours 

We use your branded colours throughout the website including in widget panels and menu items to be in keeping with your brand identity. If you have a very particular colour and can provide the (hex code) then we can match to that exactly.


The system is built on a custom responsive structure, which means your new website will look great on a desktop computer and both smartphones and tablet computers too.


We host your website on our superfast dedicated server and provide unlimited bandwidth.

You will receive security updates.

System updates – Includes wordpress and woo-commerce to be maintenance where auto updates do not work.


Websites often break even if you haven’t touched it. This is due to a number of reasons including updates to the mainframe, web browser, operating system, plugin updates etc. As this is a hosting monthly subscription; we will fix these such issues as and when they occur. This does NOT include damage done to a website via any content or edits that you make, or corruption to files caused via your login to backend systems or moving and editing of files.

Feature updates

As a monthly subscription member you are entailed to the latest additions and updates made to our constantly evolving system.


You will receive free support during your subscription period via our online ticketing system. You will be able to contact us using this system and we will help, advise and provide support via email. The ticketing system works on a systematic order and we will endeavour to answer all questions within 72 hours.

Free Emails

If your emails are hosted elsewhere then we recommend that you continue using that service. If you would like to take advantage of our free emails then we are happy to switch this over for you for a fee. We will need to provide a quote for the fee amount as this is not a fixed amount due do the different variables including number of email accounts and your current hosting provider. Please note; you are fully responsible for backing up all your emails. We DO NOT back up any of your emails before the email re-direction to our server.

Also we DO NOT back up any emails after the redirection either. We do not transfer your old emails to the new server. This is a fresh new system and a new start for your emails. We simply redirect your email inbox. You are fully responsible for your emails.

Other Terms

This is a subscription service with a rolling monthly fee. The minumum subscription term is 12 months. You must let us know one month in advance if you want to end the subscription; otherwise the contract will continue to roll on. If you do cancel then we will take down your website and all payments will be stopped. As this is a rolling subscription, you do not own the website. You are simply paying to rent and use our system. You will not receive any files and all files with be deleted from our server. ( So it is recommended that you have your own copy of any information and content that you upload to the website.)

Right to Buy – You can choose to buy the website and database files off us for £600+vat after 12 months. We will download these files off our server and provide a data disc for you. Administration charge included in fee. Or after 24 months you can have the website for free with a £100+vat administration charge.

Or you can choose to continue to use our system and enjoy a headache free supported website service.

Please also read our general terms and conditions and also our more specific web terms and conditions. By using any of our services you automatically agree to all of our terms.