Project Management

Painting Pixels is proud to offer up our Project management services. These such services are perfect for larger scale productions where a complex pipeline is used.

As a fully integrated multimedia design studio we can deliver a full and complete production for you from start to finish with everything in between.

Our high budget TV Advert or TV Program productions can include 3D modelling and animation, live action 4K filming, motion capture, motion graphics, green screen filming, a makeup artist, right down to full catering for actors etc.

We would fully manage and facilitate that from start to finish so you do not need to worry about the details.

You simply tell us you want a new –

  • TV advert
  • TV program
  • Celebrity actor
  • Etc, etc

We will then make sure that everything is in place to make that happen so you can just come along and enjoy the ride.


So give us a call today on 01473 857860 if you’re ready to start your production. Or email [email protected]


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