P&JKW – Poster Design

P&JKW came to us needing a professional, modern poster re-design and it needed to be done quick

A poster design that worked on multiple levels; P&JKW needed a fresh, new poster that worked as an info-graphic, and a chart, that also looked modern, eye-catching and attractive for marketing and advertising purposes.

And they needed it designed and completed in one day. They came to the right place.

Our Approach

Keeping our clients reassured and up to date with progress is essential for us, so when it came to a project like this with such a tight deadline we had it covered.

From analysing the company, the purpose of the poster and then finally the target audience, we set off to work.

After creating some initial concepts, we created a design that had enough artistic flare to catch people’s eyes and attention, whilst looking sleek, modern and getting across the necessary informational in a visually appealing manner.

The Results

Our talented team of artists and designers really shone through with the final piece. From analysis, to concepts, to the final design our client was astounded with both the quality and speed of our work.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll let the poster speak for itself:

Graphic Poster Design Ipswich Painting Pixels