Ardega – Website

The Website

Painting Pixels is delighted to have worked with Ardega; distributors specialising in baby and nursery products based in the heart of Ipswich.

Ardega - Website 1

The website is fully bespoke and built with responsive design in mind allowing the site to scale into native resolution on phones and tablet displays allowing visitors to comfortably access the site regardless of what screen size they have.

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Ardega - Website 5 Ardega - Website 6

Logo images from a variety of baby products zoom in as you scroll down the page on Ardega’s Our Brands page.

Ardega - Website 7 Ardega - Website 8

The website is decorated with small entrance animations applied to graphics to allow for a more intuitive experience.

Ardega - Website 9

We built an easy to use banner system on the homepage allowing the in-house graphic designers and content managers to create promotional product banners and publish onto the site with ease.

Ardega - Website 10 Ardega - Website 11 Ardega - Website 12

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