Painting Pixels – Vision West Nottingham Student Project

Student Project

Painting Pixels always jump at the opportunity to help others; whether its to help raise awareness for a topic, give our time or to even help to teach and inspire.

We are always happy to give back where we can. See our Painting Pixels CSR for more info on a few of the things we do to help and give back.

Recently Painting Pixels went a gave a presentation at Vision West Collage in Mansfield Nottingham. We talked about Lightwave 3D, which is a piece of 3D software that we use here in the studio. The Collage also use Lightwave as there primary 3D tool, so hopefully we inspired them to carry it on.

Lightwave 3D Project

We were called up a few months later to help set a project for the students of the collage, so they can gain experience by working and presenting to a company.

The Task

The task was for them to create a new drinks brand and devise a way to promote it. Lightwave 3D was an integral part of the project as the students had to design and model a 3D bottle to help in the brand promotion.

Below are just some of the 3D renders that the students sent through. We were very impressed with the quality of the 3D models.

Painting Pixels Students - 4 Painting Pixels Students - 3 Painting Pixels Students - 2 Painting Pixels Students - 1